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The 2010 Will Goggans Award Winner

There are beards, then there’s the beard worn by Troy punter Will Goggans, unveiled on national television last night in his team’s New Orleans Bowl win over Ohio. In an afternoon and evening lacking in suspense, one could say that Goggans provided the moment of the day. But what is it? Could it really be a beard? A stunt gone wrong? A bet turned sour? One thing is certain: I’ve never seen a beard quite like that. To honor Goggans and his facial growth, I am proud to announce a new, Pre-Snap Read-exclusive award: The Will Goggans Award for best facial hair. This year’s winner, of course, is Goggans. Any other candidates should be listed in the comment field. And more Goggans below.

Courtesy of Drew Champlin, the Troy beat reporter at the Dothan Eagle:

Think of a younger, blonder Santa Claus. In his sack: a few footballs, a kicking tee, scissors, a mirror and a shaving kit. I must admit that I only hope he’s carrying the last three items.

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  1. trojanbrutha says:



    Paul: You’re right, Goggans is the only real candidate. It is his award, after all. I shortened the first link so it didn’t jump across the right sidebar.

  2. M Meyer says:

    Wow. That’s a phenomenal beard. He deserves all of the customary football beard-related accolades.

    Paul: I guess it’s so bad it’s great. In an ironic way, it’s superb. Maybe I’ll get a little trophy from the local trophy shop and ship to him.

  3. SFGiants says:

    Brian Wilson…. Fear the beard champion.
    Nuff said

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