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No. 102: North Texas

As if simply getting another shot – a much-deserved shot, mind you – wasn’t enough. For Dan McCarney, North Texas has become the gift that keeps on giving. There’s another turn as a head coach, five years after his ridiculous dismissal at Iowa State. There’s the new on-campus facility, Apogee Stadium, where the Mean Green have already made themselves at home. Then there’s the new conference affiliation: Sun Belt out, Conference USA in, beginning in 2013. You’re welcome, coach. Not that’s it been anywhere near a one-sided relationship: McCarney has given the Mean Green an identity, a sense of purpose and some much-needed direction. Not bad for the first 12 months of any relationship, right? Well, there was the stroke McCarney suffered in February, but as he put it, that was nothing a little splash of vodka couldn’t cure.

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