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No. 93: Mississippi

The healing can begin. But first, major surgery. Scalpel: excise the nasty taste of a program record for futility in SEC play — 14 straight losses and counting. Suction: rebuild the roster, beginning with those gone, those who returned and those willing to do what it takes to return Mississippi to competitiveness in an SEC West that’s nothing if not unkind to those unable to maintain a heavy foot on the gas pedal. Calipers: gauge not only where you stand today but where you want to be tomorrow, when the Rebels stand a better chance of reclaiming a permanent spot in postseason play. Suture: but not until the wound has been cleared of any potentially infectious debris. Rehabilitation: hit the weights, work late into the night, study your film, send out scholarship offers to any quick, strong, agile and hostile recruit with two arms and two legs. Ready? Send the Rebels up to the Operating Room. Dr. Hugh Freeze will do the honors.

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