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No. 36: N.C. State

As with relief pitchers, it’s hard to gauge how one year’s success will translate to the following season. Take a team’s ability to create turnovers, for example. Sixteen teams forced at least 30 turnovers in 2010; only five duplicated that feat a year later. And some, like Boston College, Army and Ohio State, suffered precipitous drops in turnovers gained. Then again, N.C. State forced 29 turnovers in 2010 before ratcheting that total up to 39 last fall, so it wasn’t as if the defense’s penchant for takeaways was a one-year wonder — it was no flash in the pan, based on how the defense has played over the last two seasons. And there’s reason to think that trend will continue in 2012, seeing that the Wolfpack return both all-American cornerback David Amerson and free safety Brandan Bishop. Do it again and this opportunism becomes a trend. Once is a fluke; twice is a sign; three times is a trend. And imagine if N.C. State can combine a strong passing game, an opportunistic, bend-but-don’t-break defense and solid special teams play with an actual running game? If that occurs, you can see the Wolfpack fulfilling their promise as an A.C.C. contender in 2012.

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