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No. 73: Purdue

Last season’s bowl berth, Purdue’s first since 2007, was a just reward for a year pocked with would-be roadblocks: injuries, most notably, but also the sort of ineffective play that has plagued the program over the last half-decade. For overcoming those wounds — those out of his control and those self-inflicted — Danny Hope was rewarded with a two-year contract extension that runs through the 2016 season. The extension solidifies the future of the program; it’s not a mere token gesture, as adding two years to Hope’s contract sends along the message that he remains in the good graces of the university and its athletic department. But the new deal also comes with a mandate: improve. Sink or swim, as no amount of added years or extra zeroes will withstand further mediocrity, let alone a step back to a bowl-free existence in 2012 and beyond. But that sort of responsibility comes with the territory.
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