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Taking Spring With a Grain of Salt

The line is so good that it’s worth sharing. In providing profiles of some of the lesser-known teams in the F.B.S., Bill Connelly at Football Study Hall gives statistical analysis of both the season past and what to expect in 2011 on both sides of the ball. In his Louisiana Tech profile, Connelly says the following about quarterback Colby Cameron’s spring showing in Sonny Dykes’ high-flying passing offense. In a wonderfully succinct summary of all spring game performances, Connelly says the following:

Spring game stats are completely and totally worthless, but… well, throwing for 275 yards and five touchdowns is still better than not throwing for 275 yards and five touchdowns.

Beautiful. And Connelly raises a delicate point for fans and objective bystanders alike: What can we really take from spring ball?

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