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News: I’m Heading Over to USA Today

News: I will be joining USA Today on Oct. 1, covering college football, after spending five years at The New York Times and, most of all, the last two-plus years writing for you guys here at Pre-Snap Read. Believe me, it’s the latter stop that I’m most proud of. Think of all that we’ve been through since May 4, 2010, when Pre-Snap Read first opened its doors with a somewhat incorrect manifesto – looking back, I promised a semi-regular podcast and didn’t deliver. There have been three rounds of the Countdown; P.S.R. Op-Eds; Heisman breakdowns; Locksley breakdowns; B.C.S. conference profiles; non-B.C.S. conference profiles; news; analysis; the kitchen sink.

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    Let’s See Your Best Tailgating Pics

    The New York Times asks for your tailgating photos. Since it’s an uncharacteristically good idea, let’s lend a hand. As Jim Luttrell writes:

    As the leaves start to turn and the college conference schedule shifts into full gear, The Quad believes school spirit and tailgating will be in full bloom. And because we want our readers to get a full taste of it, we’re asking you to submit pictures from your football-related parties over the next couple of weeks.

    This isn’t just for the crowd at the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party or the regular B.C.S. contenders. We hope to hear from Ivy Leaguers and small schools, too. Alumni and fraternities and sororities. Let us see those special smoked ribs and gourmet meals in addition to painted faces and parking-lot touch-football games. Can’t make it to the game? Let us see how you bring the game home.

    If for no other reason, let’s do it for Jim: this great idea was his brainchild. The pics can be sent here. I’m telling you, the more people that respond the more likely the chance that The Times does similar things like this in the future; this would be great news for all parties. You want to get brought down a notch, on the other hand? Check out this comment one reader left on Jim’s introductory post:

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      The Countdown

      A bottom-to-top assessment of the F.B.S. landscape heading into the 2012 season.