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P.S.R. Heisman Watch: Week 4

It’s not unprecedented for the eventual Heisman winner to lose at least one game during the regular season – in fact, recent history shows that it’s just as common for the winner to lose at least once than it is for him to run the table. Of the last 10 Heisman winners, not counting Reggie Bush, five have lost at least one game during the regular season: Eric Crouch lost once, Carson Palmer lost twice, Tim Tebow lost three times, Sam Bradford lost once and Robert Griffin III lost three times. So the door to the Heisman is far from closed to Matt Barkley, who was unable to lead U.S.C. past Stanford on Saturday night. But one difference between Barkley and the five quarterbacks listed above is that Barkley entered the season as the undisputed favorite; that might help, in a way, but it might also open up a path for one of his prime challengers – De’Anthony Thomas or Geno Smith, for example – to put a stranglehold on the top spot. One thing is clear: Barkley can’t lose again. Before tackling the list, another installment of This Date in Heisman History:

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    No. 35: Louisville

    Charlie Strong’s not working wonders; not exactly, at least. The talent he’s brought into Louisville over the last two years might be young, but it’s certainly not lacking in ability: his most recent recruiting haul, from February, was studded with high-profile additions from Florida, where Strong has used his Gainesville ties to great effect. Regardless of the talent level, however, winning games in a B.C.S. conference, whether or not it’s the Big East, is no easy feat. The Cardinals won games last fall with a true freshman playing quarterback. With three freshmen leading the way at receiver. With two freshmen starting on the defensive line. With two freshmen starting in the secondary. So perhaps it’s not surprising to see that Louisville played its best football in October and November, a statement the team’s won-loss record backs up: 2-4 heading into mid-October, the Cardinals closed the regular season with five wins in six games. That this youth will be a year wiser come September, as well as the fact that Strong is still around — and that West Virginia is not — explains why most believe that Louisville will be the Big East’s best team in 2012.

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      The Year in Review: Louisville (7-6, 5-2)

      I’ve heard of one or, the depth chart word meant to signify little separation between two position contenders, if not a word meant to signal true co-starter status, but Louisville took it to a whole other level late in 2011. Charlie Strong and the Cardinals see your one or, or your two ors, and raise you five ors, with five running backs theoretically neck-and-neck on the depth chart heading into the regular season finale against South Florida. That’s a game the Cardinals would win, by the way, to ensure a second consecutive bowl trip under Charlie Strong.

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        No. 79: Louisville

        One school that may ultimately benefit from T.C.U.’s move to the Big East is Louisville, and bear with me as I try to connect the dots. No one school will benefit on the field: T.C.U. is going to hit the ground running in the weakest of our B.C.S. conferences, and no one current Big East program has what it takes to combat what the Horned Frogs bring to the table. But their inclusion in this party will give the conference a prestige boost, which is good news for all involved. But Louisville, with its sizable athletic budget, is a program that can make hay with the recruiting inroads that may develop in Texas — Syracuse, Rutgers, Connecticut and Cincinnati won’t feel a difference, but perhaps Louisville’s blend of promise, playing time, facilities and the financial wherewithal to make ends meet can combine to make its presence felt in the most talent-rich state in the country. So if we’re going to look at the glass half full, that’s a positive.

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          The Countdown

          A bottom-to-top assessment of the F.B.S. landscape heading into the 2012 season.