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P.S.R. Heisman Watch: Week 4

It’s not unprecedented for the eventual Heisman winner to lose at least one game during the regular season – in fact, recent history shows that it’s just as common for the winner to lose at least once than it is for him to run the table. Of the last 10 Heisman winners, not counting Reggie Bush, five have lost at least one game during the regular season: Eric Crouch lost once, Carson Palmer lost twice, Tim Tebow lost three times, Sam Bradford lost once and Robert Griffin III lost three times. So the door to the Heisman is far from closed to Matt Barkley, who was unable to lead U.S.C. past Stanford on Saturday night. But one difference between Barkley and the five quarterbacks listed above is that Barkley entered the season as the undisputed favorite; that might help, in a way, but it might also open up a path for one of his prime challengers – De’Anthony Thomas or Geno Smith, for example – to put a stranglehold on the top spot. One thing is clear: Barkley can’t lose again. Before tackling the list, another installment of This Date in Heisman History:

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    No. 23: Stanford

    Andrew Luck is gone but not forgotten. He’ll continue running this offense, but in name, not action: Pep Hamilton is no longer simply Stanford’s offensive coordinator but the Andrew Luck Director of Offense – which is ironic, because more than one would say that Luck himself directed the Cardinal’s offense a season ago. The program won’t retire his number, not yet, but will “put it on ice for a while,” said David Shaw. It’s a daunting situation: Stanford needs to embrace its past, in which Luck plays a huge role, but can’t afford to get caught looking back. Not when Oregon continues to flourish up north, not when U.S.C. aims to reclaim its role as local heavy, and not when the rest of the Pac-12 has shifted its gaze towards the Cardinal, looking to unseat the program from its newfound national relevance.

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      No. 5: Stanford

      Which star had the higher stock: Stanford’s then-coach or its quarterback? Both were set to entertain offers once the final whistle blew on Stanford’s one-sided Orange Bowl win — Andrew Luck from the N.F.L. and Jim Harbaugh from Michigan and the San Francisco 49ers, if not others. Only one answered the call, as Harbaugh took on the rebuilding job in San Francisco rather than join Luck for one more year of fun in the Pac-12. And so the questions arise about the program ability to rebound from losing one of the nation’s best coaches. Those questions lie in the future — the very near future, unfortunately. And they’re all addressed with one name: Luck.

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        The Countdown

        A bottom-to-top assessment of the F.B.S. landscape heading into the 2012 season.