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No. 61: Texas Tech

Oh, irony. When Texas Tech replaced Mike Leach with Tommy Tuberville, it did so under the presumption that Tuberville’s defensive credentials would lend greater balance to program defined primarily by its pitch-and-catch offensive system – even if the Red Raiders had played surprisingly stout defense over periods of Leach’s decade-long tenure. Instead, Tech has remained strong offensively, averaging at least 33.1 points per game in each of the last two years, while undergoing a meteoric nosedive on defense. In 2010, the Red Raiders allowed 9.5 more points per game than in Leach’s final season; last fall, the Raiders gave up a program-record 39.3 points per game, including 66 points to both Oklahoma State and Baylor. It’s safe to say that things haven’t gone as planned. Perhaps you’re not surprised to hear that Tuberville is on his third defensive coordinator in three years.

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    At Some Stops, Planning for the Future

    Preparations have begun in Houston and Boise for life after the current record-setting quarterback leaves town. This isn’t a comforting time for either program, as well as a few others nearing the point where it must say goodbye to an old hand, but such is life in college football: four years if you’re lucky, three — or less — if you’re not, and it always pays to be prepared. A few schools have wisely thrown the heir apparent into the mix, knowing there will come a time when Kellen Moore’s shoes will be filled by another, but others are tempting fate by riding the 2011 starter and letting 2012 remain a distant point in the future.

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      Big East Wins, Loses: B.C.S. Themes

      Fittingly, the two programs that left the Big East in the cold — that first left the Big East in the cold — were the conference’s lone losers on Saturday. In a weekend where the Big East fared well, notching two wins over B.C.S. conference competition, the primary development was the league’s impending destruction: Syracuse and Pittsburgh are gone, soon to be joined by at least one, perhaps two conference brethren, and the Orange and the Panthers followed up that disappointment with a pair of disappointing defeats. Thanks for nothing, says the Big East. Touching on that and other themes from Saturday’s B.C.S. conference action:

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        No. 45: Texas Tech

        New coach, same strengths. Texas Tech scored at least 400 points for the 10th consecutive season, scoring a tad less than in 2009 – scoring 33.1 points per game against 37.0 the year before – under Tommy Tuberville but remaining one of the best offensive teams in the Big 12. It was somewhat surprising, given Tuberville’s defensive background, to see the Red Raiders take such a significant slide back defensively: Tech allowed 402 points, a program-high since 2003 and the third-worst output in program history. As with Mike Leach before him, Tuberville has work cut out for him before he can lead Texas Tech into the Big 12 title mix; unlike Leach, however, Tuberville’s work must be done on the defensive side of the ball.

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          The Countdown

          A bottom-to-top assessment of the F.B.S. landscape heading into the 2012 season.