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No. 82: Arizona State

Dennis Erickson had three jobs over a four-year span: Idaho in 1986, Washington State from 1987-88 and Miami (Fla.) in 1989. He once had three jobs over a six-year span: Miami in 1994 – leaving the program under an N.C.A.A. spotlight – the Seattle Seahawks from 1995-98 and Oregon State in 1999. He returned to Idaho in 2006, led the Vandals to four wins and then left for Arizona State, his third job in the Pac-12 over the previous two decades. Mercenary? Disloyal? Like all subjective labels, it depends on where you stand. Todd Graham is on his fourth head coaching job in seven years. He’s had two one-and-done stints, at Rice in 2006 and Pittsburgh a year ago. He’s said the wrong things: “I probably should have never gone to Pittsburgh,” for example. He’s been ripped and shredded by the national press. Fine. Just know two things: one, that Graham isn’t the first head coach to hopscotch his way across the country; and two, that Arizona State couldn’t care less. And the sooner you realize that there are bigger issues plaguing college football than another head coach playing musical chairs the better.

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