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2012 All-Name Team Nominees (June 7)

A significant milestone has been passed: 40 teams. This is no longer the third-of-the-way marker it has been in recent years, but the number remains a meaningful one in the march to September. Technically, with the move up to 124 F.B.S. teams, a third of the way would be 41 teams; more specifically, it would be 41 teams and the first third of a 42nd preview.

It’s time to catch our breath and prepare for another stretch. It’s also time to update the Pre-Snap Read All-Name Team, which was last compiled on May 11. That was after 21 teams – from Texas-San Antonio to Ball State. This list includes the Roadrunners through Western Kentucky.

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    2012 All-Name Team Nominees (May 11)

    There’s a preview coming today, but not until later in the morning. For now, while I plug away – and since we’re more than 20 teams down – let’s update the current F.B.S. all-name team. If you hadn’t noticed, the all-name nominee is a new addition to the second-to-last section in this year’s previews. The rules are simple: only one nominee per team. I’ll continue adding players regardless of position through the first 62 teams, I guess, before beginning to search for players who match positions of need. I can already tell that it’s going to be harder to fill spots at quarterback, kicker and punter; looking back, it might have been a better idea to list quarterback Duke DeLancellotti with Texas State instead of safety Brixx Hawthorne.

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      No. 120: Massachusetts

      Welcome to Amherst, Mass., once voted the nicest college town in America, and as of a year ago this Thursday, home of the newest member of the MAC. Yes, change is afoot: Kevin Morris is out, Charley Molnar is in; the C.A.A. is out, replaced by the MAC East. During non-conference play, the Minutemen will substitute teams like Central Connecticut State and Old Dominion for teams like Connecticut — the big school in the Nutmeg State — Indiana, Michigan and Vanderbilt. Isn’t simply moving up the F.B.S. hard enough? Before its bye week on Oct. 13, UMass will face a team from the Big East, two teams from the Big Ten and two reigning bowl teams from the MAC. UMass will play five home games all season. And about that: home games will be played at Gillette Stadium while the university refurbishes its own stadium. Welcome to the F.B.S., Minutemen.

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        A Meet and Greet With the New Guys

        Three more teams will join the F.B.S. in 2012, with a fourth, South Alabama, entering its second and final year transitioning upwards from the F.C.S. to the Sun Belt. Massachusetts will join the MAC, taking a spot in the East division and giving the league two even, seven-team divisions; Bowling Green will move to the West, a move that makes sense on multiple levels. Texas State and Texas-San Antonio — the former run by Dennis Franchione, the latter by former Miami (Fla.) head coach Larry Coker — will join the WAC, helping that conference make up for the loss of Nevada, Fresno State and Hawaii to the Mountain West.

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          The Countdown

          A bottom-to-top assessment of the F.B.S. landscape heading into the 2012 season.