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No. 76: San Jose State

So this is exciting. Really, really exciting. San Jose State has a football team – well, the Spartans have always had a team, but this is a good team, one that should be very much in the mix for a bowl bid. That’s taken care of. The administration made an inspired hire in Mike MacIntyre, the former Duke assistant who has led S.J.S.U. on a steady uptick over the last 24 months. Good news. The university just hired a football-centric athletic director, Gene Bleymaier, who over 29 years at Boise State helped build the Broncos’ program into the national power it is today. Done, done and done. Thirdly, the Spartans were able to both extricate themselves from a sinking-ship WAC while landing a spot in the still-ticking Mountain West, ensuring the program’s future in these dangerous days of conference expansion. Team, coach, leader, conference. MacIntyre, Bleymaier, Mountain West. Done, done, done and done. This is an awesome time for San Jose State football.
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    Four More Jump Ship From the WAC

    The WAC has seven teams: Idaho, Louisiana Tech, New Mexico State, San Jose State, Texas-San Antonio, Texas State and Utah State. Now, see if you can keep up. Despite being less than a year removed from its birth and four months away from its first game on the F.B.S. level, Texas-San Antonio will join Conference USA in 2013. San Jose State and Utah State are days away from being officially accepted as the newest members of the Mountain West. Louisiana Tech is also expected to land an invite into Conference USA. By mid-May, the WAC will be cut down from seven teams to three, though the four teams already scheduled to leave the conference won’t do so until the 2013 season.

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      Reviewing the WAC’s 2012 Dance Card

      It’s here. Finally. Are you excited? Weeks after the SEC, Big 12, Big Ten and A.C.C. lifted the curtain and unveiled their league-wide schedules for the 2012 season, the WAC has joined the party. Some names will be familiar: Louisiana Tech, New Mexico State, San Jose State, Idaho and Utah State. Another, Texas State, is new to the WAC. A third, Texas-San Antonio, is not only new to the WAC but new to college football altogether: 2011 marked the Roadrunners’ first season of football on any level, so it’s been a quick move from nothing to the WAC — and please save your jokes about there being little difference between the current WAC and utter nothingness.

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        Eight Under-the-Radar Coaching Jobs

        Yesterday’s post on Louisville placed an emphasis on the coaching job Charlie Strong did last fall, if not over his first two seasons with the program altogether. Sometimes, as I noted, seven wins means more than just seven wins: Louisville matched its 2010 mark for victories, but doing so when given the team’s sour start and overwhelming youth makes another bowl trip quite the impressive feat for Strong and his staff. Praising Strong’s work in 2011 underscores the idea that the best coaching job in the country is often not done by the coach who wins a national title, or the coach who wins the SEC; often enough, the best coaching job is done by one who takes the youngest team in the country, one that started 2-4, and wins seven games.

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          No. 107: San Jose State

          All one-win seasons are not created equal. Take San Jose State, for example: yeah, that lone win came against the F.C.S., and one of those 12 losses came against the F.C.S., but these Spartans were better than the record indicated. There was a 13-point to Wisconsin; only three Big Ten teams got within as many points as the Badgers. Over its last five games, S.J.S.U. lost four games by a combined total of 16 points, which means little in the win column but does indicate to outsiders that the Spartans played hard despite having little left to play for. And that’s a pretty good sign, all things considered. Wins matter most of all, but how you play when a losing season is guaranteed tells much about a team and its coach.

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            No. 113: San Jose State

            San Jose State fans, accustomed to success in judo, are flipping for their new coach.

            This type of report warms the cockles of my heart. How San Jose State, led by rookie coach Mike MacIntyre, spent most of spring practice, as recounted by the talented Jon Wilner of the San Jose Mercury News:

            The only time I saw a four-receiver formation was on the final play, when it was chuck-it-downfield desperation time.

            The Spartans ran the ball between the tackles time and time again. They used fullbacks and H backs. They threw to the tight end. (The tight end … Imagine that!)

            Basically, I saw more smash-mouth football in four 12-minute quarters of a scrimmage than I saw all last season.

            How can you not root for a team like that?

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              The Countdown

              A bottom-to-top assessment of the F.B.S. landscape heading into the 2012 season.