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Legend Complete, Barkley’s Back for More

Matt Barkley’s legacy is already complete. Even had he opted to forego his final season of eligibility in favor of the N.F.L., Barkley would have joined U.S.C.’s illustrious line of larger-than-life greats: Haden, Simpson, White, Palmer, Leinart, Barkley. For Barkley, the legacy went beyond the numbers — the best by any quarterback in program history — to his value to this current run of probation-ravaged Trojans; putting the team on his back, Barkley carried U.S.C. beyond the N.C.A.A. sanctions and back into the national picture. Yet he wanted — and wants — more.

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    My 2011 Offensive All-American Ballot

    You may have noticed a dearth of West Coasters on my defensive all-American ballot from yesterday. Not a one: five players from the SEC — including the entire secondary — three from the Big Ten, two from the Big 12 and one from the A.C.C., to be precise. The Pac-12, as well as the WAC and Mountain West, I suppose, aren’t exactly known for playing defense; offense is how these leagues, especially the Pac-12, make their headlines. So it’s fitting, given the number of talented skill players along the West Coast, that there’s a Pac-12 feel on my offensive all-American ballot. And I swear that this ballot was submitted in a timely manner. Here are the picks:

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      Random Spring Thoughts: U.S.C.

      Using a combination of various computer programs and the Internet — a task nearly beyond my limited computing skills — I selected 25 F.B.S. teams at random. Teams lucky enough to have been randomly selected will be reviewed with several random thoughts as we enter the heart of spring practice. Up next: U.S.C., which must stand up, clean itself off and remove its face from college football’s version of Page Six.

      In the same way that a child in the doghouse escapes his or her parents’ wrath once a sibling steps out of line, U.S.C. is happy to see programs like Auburn and Ohio State enter under the N.C.A.A.’s spotlight. There was a time, if we can think back far enough, when the Trojans were the resident bad boy of the F.B.S. – North Carolina made a late-summer run for that title, but could not match U.S.C.’s blend of star power and misconduct. It’s fitting, in a way, that two such descriptions would intersect at a university that stands on the doorstep of Hollywood, home of the crash-and-burn celebrity. For if we search for a real-life metaphor for what has occurred at U.S.C. since Pete Carroll left town, it’s the Lindsay Lohan-like falling star.

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        The Countdown

        A bottom-to-top assessment of the F.B.S. landscape heading into the 2012 season.