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No. 68: Washington State

Pullman’s not Los Angeles. But you knew that. Pullman isn’t Seattle, which you also knew. Pullman is different: it’s more accepting of, let’s say, quirky personalities. Not crazy, mind you; when it comes to crazy, Pullman is as unforgiving as any place in America. But Pullman is a place where a coach can let his hair down, such as Mike Price did for a generation. It’s quirk-friendly, in short. When coaching the Cougars, you can be yourself. You can be wacky. You can call out your players’ girlfriends, co-host the evening news, make jokes and crack wise — it’s cool. It’s Pullman. You can be yourself. Also: you can win.

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    Paul Wulff’s Legacy at Washington State

    Washington State athletic director Bill Moos was relatively unmoved by Paul Wulff’s comments earlier this week, when the program’s now-former coach said that “people who know football” knew that he should return for a fifth season. “Those people that don’t, don’t get it,” said Wulff, as recounted by Vince Grippi of The Spokesman-Review. This is a fair point: Wulff, who was relieved of his duties yesterday afternoon, provided more than just a paltry won-loss record for his alma mater; under his watch — as ugly as the results may have been — the program began rebuilding from scratch, on the field and off, and Wulff leaves Washington State on the verge of bowl play in 2012. But… he lost 40 games in 49 tries. Even those who don’t know football know that’s not good enough.

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      No. 85: Washington State

      Pasadena is just a distant memory, a tall tale long-suffering fans tell the younger crowd to convince them that Washington State has won before and may, with some more hard work, win again. It was eight years ago: Jan. 1, 2003, Mike Price’s final team, a 10-3 squad that stood as the final precursor to the U.S.C. decade of dominance that followed. It’s been nearly that long since Washington State has been a factor — U.S.C. has been gone, come back and disappeared again. The last seven years have found the Cougars go through a pair of coaches, post a single winning season and bowl trip and post three double-digit loss seasons that double as the three worst seasons in program history. So it’s been a long, deep slide with one meek silver lining: Washington State can only go up, and it can’t get any worse.

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        Prove Us Wrong, Washington State

        Sit down, Washington State. Look into this mirror, if you please. Now, repeat after me:

        I’m good enough…

        I’m smart enough…

        And doggone it, people like me.

        Have some confidence, Cougars, as with history as your guide, you can take a measure of solace in the fact that things could not possibly get any worse. Or could they? Nope. No, they couldn’t — well, technically they could, but you’d really have to try in order to reach a lower level than rock bottom.

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          The Countdown

          A bottom-to-top assessment of the F.B.S. landscape heading into the 2012 season.