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No. 55: Texas A&M

Mike Sherman didn’t lose his job by blowing a halftime lead against Oklahoma State. He didn’t lose his job by blowing another sizable halftime advantage a week later, when the Aggies lost to Arkansas in Dallas. It wasn’t Missouri that sealed his fate, even if that loss may have been worse, in a way; the Aggies followed up 17 unanswered points from the Tigers with a field goal to force overtime, only to lose in the first extra frame. Sherman lost his job because of two losses: Oklahoma and Texas. He’s not the first coach at A&M to be dismissed because of losses to the Sooners and Longhorns, mind you, but he will be the last. From here, A&M needs to remake its standards. Since the formation of the Big 12 — since the university first fielded a team, actually — the Aggies weighed success against Texas. Once Oklahoma caught fire under Bob Stoops, the university began judging its program against these two perennial powers. What does A&M use for a barometer now that it’s part of the SEC?

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    No. 39: South Florida

    We have a problem. Lou Holtz has a son, Skip, who coaches at South Florida. Lou Holtz has undying love and affection for Notre Dame, which takes on Skip’s Bulls in the season opener. Lou Holtz is an analyst for a major television network, meaning he is paid to give his opinion on marquee college football games, of which South Florida-Notre Dame is one. So there’s the problem: Holtz will be asked to give his analysis, but his analysis is often tainted by his own personal allegiances. So who wins out when family – South Florida – takes on his beloved Fighting Irish? Well, it’s not such a big problem in the grand scheme of things. But now that U.S.F. continues to improve, what would Holtz do if the Bulls, Notre Dame and South Carolina ended the year undefeated? Not to mention N.C. State, Minnesota, Arkansas or William & Mary. That would be a problem.

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      Key New Defensive Coordinator Hires

      When a new coordinator comes into town, it often means a return to the drawing board.

      As sure as the leaves change color in the fall, as sure as Our Dear Reader will shoot 38 under-par playing 18 holes of golf, as sure as the B.C.S. disappoints: every year brings us a new crop of offensive and defensive coordinators on the F.B.S. level. Some spots open up as a few lucky coordinators get the chance to run their own program, and some open up because a coordinator takes the fall for a team’s lack of production on his side of the ball. This coming season is no different, as each major conference contains at least one team installing new offensive or defensive schemes concocted by its newly hired coordinators. Want to know a few new defensive coordinators to watch among the B.C.S. conferences? Don’t forget your whistle.

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        The Countdown

        A bottom-to-top assessment of the F.B.S. landscape heading into the 2012 season.