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No. 79: Wyoming

Wyoming’s five losses in 2011 came to teams that combined for 45 wins in the regular season, a group that includes two near-B.C.S. misses in Boise State and T.C.U. and a third B.C.S. bowl contender in Nebraska. The Cowboys’ six wins against F.B.S. competition, on the other hand, came against teams that combined for 26 wins in the regular season. Yes, Wyoming was 8-4: that’s 8-4 with three nothing-to-see-here wins — U.N.L.V., New Mexico and Colorado State — and two wins over F.C.S. competition, Texas State and Weber State. It wasn’t the prettiest eight-win regular season you’ll ever see, nor the most impressive. Up next: beating the bad teams, as all good teams do, but also hanging tight with the good teams, if not winning outright.

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