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P.S.R. 1-124: Week 5 Re-Ranking

With the weekend in the books, here’s a look at how the country ranks — using the original rankings as the starting point, with the season’s results as rationale for any movement. The top 25 teams land a one-sentence breakdown. The rest? Not so much. Part of the perks of being one of the best. Think your team is too low? Feel another team deserves more credit, less credit? Let’s hear it below. It’s a delicate ranking process, even if we’re now four weeks into the year. As promised, everything will become clearer by the end of the month.

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    Pick 10, F.B.S. Notebook: Week 2 (Sept. 8)

    Let’s not beat around the bush: this isn’t a great week. I mean, it’s great – better than what we’re used to, better than any non-football weekend – but it’s not great, all things considered. There’s no Michigan and Alabama to end the night; there’s no prime-time game on ABC at all, in fact. Instead, we’ll close our night with Nebraska and U.C.L.A., Georgia and Missouri and, later on, Arizona and Oklahoma State. Very, very intriguing games. But with perhaps the exception of Georgia, depending on how highly you think of the Bulldogs, these games don’t carry any title implications. That doesn’t make the games any less interesting – or change the fact that every game, especially while teams find their footing, carries some level of importance. Let’s run down the entire weekend’s action.

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      No. 17: Kansas State

      This was a team that won eight games by single digits: Eastern Kentucky by a field goal, Miami (Fla.) by inches, Baylor by a point, Texas Tech by a touchdown, Texas A&M in four overtimes, Texas despite gaining only 121 yards of total offense, Iowa State with a late score. This was also a team that was plus-15 in turnover margin, committing just a shade over one giveaway per game and returning three interceptions for touchdowns, scoring five non-offensive touchdowns altogether. As a result – because of the fact that this team won games, but not with style – it’s easy for some to make the case that Kansas State is due for a slide; you can’t rely on luck to keep winning games, goes the argument. The rejoinder to this argument can be found on the sidelines. There is no statute of limitations on coaching greatness, just as there’s no reason why the Bill Snyder-led Wildcats can’t continue to win close games, as they have for a generation, and continue to exploit every possible weakness it can find until after 60 minutes, K-State’s disciplined and opportunistic play makes your team just the latest notch in Snyder’s belt. It doesn’t take a miracle, and it doesn’t take luck; it’s just coaching, and Snyder’s been making your team look stupid longer than the Big 12′s been in existence.

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        [Coach's Name] Field at [Trustee] Stadium

        True or false: Idaho’s Kibbie Dome is named after Lloyd Kibbie, a former head coach at the university who reeled off eight straight winning seasons before stepping aside in favor of his loyal assistant, Ted Bank, in 1935. Well, one part of that question is true – Bank was named Idaho’s head coach in 1935.

        No, the Kibbie Dome is not named after a former head coach, but rather a construction executive named William H. Kibbie, one of the project’s main contributors. This is how it goes for the wide majority of F.B.S. stadiums: The names on the outside typically honor trustees, school presidents, benefactors, veterans or, simply, the school itself.

        One more true or false: Of the 124 stadiums in the F.B.S., 26 honor a former coach in some fashion – either with his name gracing the stadium or with a field named in his memory. That’s true. Here they are:

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          The Best Saturday Ever! (Until Nov. 10)

          It’s official: Alabama’s trip to L.S.U. on Nov. 3 will be in prime time. Surprise, surprise. All that’s left is to find a seat and cancel any and all previous engagements — and now might be a good time to start laying the groundwork for a cold, if you’re one of the unlucky few due to make an appearance at a wedding on the first Saturday of November.

          That’s not all that’s cooking on Nov. 3. There’s another date between Oregon and U.S.C., this time in the Coliseum, which should likewise be under consideration for an 8 p.m. start on the East Coast. There’s Missouri at Florida. Nebraska at Michigan State. Oklahoma State at Kansas State. Among others. It’s the best weekend of the college football season.

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            A Rose (Bowl) By Any Other Name

            A Rose Bowl by any other name would smell as sweet, said Shakespeare, who remains the only playwright to reference the changing landscape of college football in verse. The meaning of the quote: Names don’t matter. A rose is a rose; even by any other name it would smell as sweet. You can alter the name, tweak a label – say, remove the automatic or non-automatic qualifier tag, for example – but remember: A rose is just a rose. Nothing’s going to change. Nothing is ever going to change. And it works on the opposite end of the spectrum: You can call a pile of garbage a rose, but a pile of garbage is still a pile of garbage. You can put lipstick on the B.C.S., but the B.C.S. will remain the B.C.S., whether you like it or not.

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              Big 12 Quarterbacks and the N.F.L. Draft

                 Here’s the theory floated by The Big Lead’s Jason McIntyre: Pull back the throttle on the Robert Griffin III hype machine, because while he had a superb junior season, his numbers were inflated significantly by the poor brand of pass defense played in the Big 12. The same could be said of former Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill, who has rocketed up N.F.L. draft charts, as well as former Oklahoma State quarterback Brandon Weeden, wrote Jason. As evidence, he points to the fact that not one Big 12 team ranked in the top 30 nationally in pass defense.

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                Looking in House, Not Outside the Program

                In the wide number of cases, new coordinators are hired as part of a brand-new staff: see Calvin Magee at Arizona, for example, or Ohio State’s Tom Herman, or Mike Breske at Washington State. If an offensive or defensive coordinator is hired from elsewhere to join an incumbent coaching staff, however, it’s for one of two simple reasons: attrition or incompetence. Likewise for assistant coaches promoted up the ladder from within a staff, as occurred in 10 different instances during the latest coaching cycle. This includes Houston, which replaced Kevin Sumlin with Tony Levine, who in turn replaced former defensive coordinator Brian Stewart with Jamie Bryant.

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                  The Countdown

                  A bottom-to-top assessment of the F.B.S. landscape heading into the 2012 season.