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No. 9: Oklahoma

Before Ryan Broyles was lost for the season, the Sooners’ lone loss came as a result of the worst 30 minutes Oklahoma had played since John Blake. After Broyles tore up his knee in the second half against Texas A&M, the Sooners lost to Baylor for the first time in program history and to Oklahoma State for the first time since 2002. Through nine games, Oklahoma was averaging 8.3 yards per pass attempt; extrapolated over the entire season, that total would have tied O.U. with five other teams for 13th-best in the country. Over their last four games, the Sooners averaged 6.6 yards per attempt; extrapolated over the entire season, that total would have tied O.U. with seven other teams — including Duke and Minnesota — for 85th in the country. The final month defined Oklahoma’s season; in a nutshell, the Sooners could only weather so many storms before the offense fell apart. As the offense went, so went Oklahoma. At least O.U. won’t have to worry about losing Broyles in 2012; he’s now healthy, making plays for the Detroit Lions.

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    No. 51: Penn State

    According to Robert Caro, rationalizing the unscrupulous methods that governed Lyndon Johnson’s political life required an unorthodox mindset: accepting a “morality that was amorality.” In short, Caro’s theory was that Johnson validated his lies and deceit – a “morality in which nothing matters but victory” – by claiming that the ends justified the means; to Johnson, there was nothing wrong with saying one thing and doing another, as long as the end result validated the methods used to reach one’s goal. For Johnson, the deceitful tactics he used to rob Coke Stevenson of a Senate seat in 1948, the clear theft of votes in South Texas and ensuing cover-up, prolonged a political career that would later lead to the White House. This is the duality of public life: There’s the public persona and the private person, what one says and what one does, and rarely do the two occupy the same zip code. The ends justified the means – to Johnson, and his supporters, and those that believed in the legend, and those that, to the day they died, believed that Lyndon Johnson was the man he made himself out to be. The truth? Johnson was a braggart, a liar, a cheat and a coward. He was a human. The only thing that made him special was his willingness to make the amoral moral, if only for his own benefit.

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      No. 20: Penn State

      The dearly — and often not-so-dearly — departed: Lou Tepper, Barry Alvarez, Ron Turner, Joe Tiller, Bill Mallory, Cam Cameron, Jim Colletto, Gerry DiNardo, Bill Lynch, John Cooper, Hayden Fry, Gary Moeller, Gary Barnett, Lloyd Carr, George Perles, Nick Saban, Jim Wacker, Glen Mason, Bobby Williams, John L. Smith, Tim Brewster, Rich Rodriguez and Jim Tressel. The new: Jerry Kill, Kevin Wilson, Brady Hoke, Luke Fickell and Nebraska. The one constant: Joe Paterno. And that’s just since 1993, when Penn State dropped its Independent stance for a place in the Big Ten. Times change, as the Big Ten goes to 12, Ohio State drops a bombshell, Michigan returns to its roots and Nebraska joins the party, but one thing remains the same, just a bit older. For the 46th year, Paterno will lead Penn State onto the field.

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        The Countdown

        A bottom-to-top assessment of the F.B.S. landscape heading into the 2012 season.