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No. 102: North Texas

As if simply getting another shot – a much-deserved shot, mind you – wasn’t enough. For Dan McCarney, North Texas has become the gift that keeps on giving. There’s another turn as a head coach, five years after his ridiculous dismissal at Iowa State. There’s the new on-campus facility, Apogee Stadium, where the Mean Green have already made themselves at home. Then there’s the new conference affiliation: Sun Belt out, Conference USA in, beginning in 2013. You’re welcome, coach. Not that’s it been anywhere near a one-sided relationship: McCarney has given the Mean Green an identity, a sense of purpose and some much-needed direction. Not bad for the first 12 months of any relationship, right? Well, there was the stroke McCarney suffered in February, but as he put it, that was nothing a little splash of vodka couldn’t cure.

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    Random Spring Thoughts: U.C.F.

    Using a combination of various computer programs and the Internet — a task nearly beyond my limited computing skills — I selected 25 F.B.S. teams at random. Teams lucky enough to have been randomly selected will be reviewed with several random thoughts as we enter the heart of spring practice. Up next: Central Florida, with a coach who bucked his own mathematical trend.

    Way to buck the mathematical trend, George O’Leary. You’ve heard it before, in this space and elsewhere: O’Leary wins in odd-numbered years and loses – or used to – in even-numbered years. Heading into last fall, the former Georgia Tech coach was 54-33 in the former and 32-41 in the latter; after last fall, O’Leary is 43-44 in even-numbered seasons. So that little tidbit, one used to great effect in 2008, 2009 and 2010, is no longer. Though perhaps I can recycle it for one more year, 2011, and hope the mathematical universe realigns. More random U.C.F. thoughts come below:

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      The Countdown

      A bottom-to-top assessment of the F.B.S. landscape heading into the 2012 season.