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The 2012 Locksley: Week 4

Important Locksley news: John L. Smith is not – I repeat, not – eligible for the 2012 award. Why? Let’s consider the first reason: Smith is an interim head coach. I can’t blame you for not being fully aware with the Locksley’s laws and bylaws, seeing that said laws and bylaws have never been put into print. But one crucial factor is that a candidate must be a real, bona fide head coach – not an interim head coach, as is Smith. A second reason is that Smith would be such a lock for the Locksley that taking him out of the running evens the playing field among a slew of other highly qualified candidates. Now, is there a chance that Smith could one day be recognized for his wonderfully inept work with the Razorbacks in 2012? I can see it now: The John L. Locksley. That’s an option. But there will be no trophy on Smith’s mantle once his tenure in Fayetteville runs its course. As recompense, Smith gets the quote of the week:

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    No. 110: Buffalo

    It’s not necessary to go into great detail explaining how Buffalo won the MAC title back in 2008, because the answer is simple: the Bulls won because they had a multiple-year starting quarterback in Drew Willy, a senior; the MAC’s best running back in James Starks; the MAC’s best receiver in Naaman Roosevelt; one of the most opportunistic defenses in all of college football; and the ability to win games in the fourth quarter. The first four qualities are simple, at least, if difficult to replicate – if not impossible for Buffalo to replicate on an annual basis. The final positive, the ability to stay calm and cool in the eye of the storm, has everything to do with confidence: Turner Gill was somehow able to convince one of the nation’s weakest programs that it was supposed to beat teams it had failed to beat with any consistency since joining the MAC in 1999. This achievement is Gill’s lasting legacy with the Bulls.

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      The 2012 Locksley: Winter Watch List

      They’re the survivors. Purdue’s Danny Hope barely nudged into bowl play, removing himself from the hot seat in the process — and landing a contract extension, in fact. George O’Leary’s common flirtations with mediocrity has led him to alter the makeup of his coaching staff, though he remains entrenched at U.C.F. as the program begins its move to the Big East. Another Conference USA head coache, Rice’s David Bailiff, putters along the road to mediocrity yet seems to experience minimal challenges to his job security. Middle Tennessee State’s Rick Stockstill is made of Teflon, if not some similarly strong fluorocarbon solid, as is UTEP’s Mike Price.

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        No. 111: Buffalo

        Say one thing for Buffalo in 2010: in the past, 2-10 would have been greeted with a shrug. While it’s not quite met with indignation these days, last fall’s slide was greeted with frustration, which is a start. In other words, Buffalo has won, and the fans like the way it feels. That’s a big first step for a program that has experienced nothing but heartbreak and disappointment for decades. Think of it as the development of a program: losing is step one; unexpected success step two; consistent success step three; unexpected excellence step four; consistent excellence step five. Buffalo mastered step one, experienced a taste of step two but needs to pass the next significant hurdle, that of winning with consistency.

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          No. 108: Buffalo

          More than one fan base is upset about seeing Turner Gill leave for Kansas.

          Since 1999, when Buffalo joined the F.B.S., only one man has had the dedication and coaching acumen to turn the Bulls into a winner. His name is Turner Gill, and he’s the new coach at Kansas. This isn’t good. Buffalo won 20 games in four years under the former Nebraska assistant; Buffalo won 10 games in the seven years prior to his arrival. No, this isn’t good.

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            The Countdown

            A bottom-to-top assessment of the F.B.S. landscape heading into the 2012 season.