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No. 34: Florida

Florida’s depth chart at the end of last season featured 37 freshmen and sophomores, which tied the Gators with Tennessee for the most in the SEC. Will Muschamp played 51 first- and second-year players altogether, the second-highest total in program history; Urban Meyer played 55 such underclassmen in 2007. Florida had nine scholarship seniors on the roster, the program’s third-fewest since 1951. Entering the season, Florida’s 148 returning starts were the third-fewest in the SEC. The 37 returning starts on defense ranked last in the conference. These are your excuses for a seven-win season, the program’s lowest single-season total since 1989. But this is Florida, home of the Gators, home of the three national titles, home of feverish expectations – excuses have no place in Gainesville.

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    Two-Deep Notes: U.S.C., U.F., Utah and U.C.F.

    With spring comes rain, baseball, grass and depth charts. Each of the latter trio is welcome, with none more so than the parade of two-deeps cascading onto university Web sites over the last two weeks. Another four schools offered up a preliminary depth chart over the last two days: Utah, U.C.F., Florida and South Carolina. With these depth charts, and with a few others, comes spring. An important note, however: All depth charts are to be taken lightly, and then taken outside and lit aflame, because they’re worthless. Less than worthless, perhaps — for many teams, the names and numbers listed alongside the vast majority of positions are space-fillers, more or less.

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      This is Absolutely Going to Hurt

      This? This is going to hurt. It’s going to hurt Florida as a team. John Brantley’s going to be hurting, both in body and mind, as he recovers from last week’s sprained ankle. It hurts Will Muschamp’s hopes of notching his first meaningful SEC win. It hurts Charlie Weis, who had done a fairly nice job — a better job than his predecessor at offensive coordinator — showing Brantley the ropes of his pro-style offense. And most of all, this is going to hurt Jeff Driskel, who gets the privilege of making his first career in Baton Rouge, at Tiger Stadium, against the nation’s most impressive defense, and does so about nine months to the day that he left Oviedo Hagerty High School and first walked onto campus in Gainesville.

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        The SEC’s Quarterback Crop

        I don’t think the argument is about which SEC team has the best quarterback: it’s Georgia and Aaron Murray, and any argument to the contrary — especially with his closest competition out for spring practice — should fall on deaf ears. Murray, entering his sophomore season, showed enough as a first-year starter in 2010 to earn this prestigious title, even if this looks like the conference’s worst batch of starting quarterbacks in the better part of the decade. Where have all the stars gone? Are we ready for a year without an SEC quarterback factoring heavily in the Heisman Trophy mix?

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          The Countdown

          A bottom-to-top assessment of the F.B.S. landscape heading into the 2012 season.