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This Must Be Rock Bottom, Houston Hopes

This is the bottom, I think – and Houston hopes. The most damning factoid that could be used to define a team is that it forced five turnovers yet lost the turnover battle, as the Cougars did on Saturday night. U.C.L.A. had five turnovers; Houston had six. What the heck is going on here? Through three weeks, there has be no more disappointing team in college football. No team has suffered a more inexplicable loss, with all due to respect to Pittsburgh, Arkansas and Wyoming, among others. Of the 27 teams that notched double-digit wins last fall, how many seem assured of not reaching that mark in 2012? I’ll say three: Arkansas State, Arkansas… and Houston.

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    No. 56: S.M.U.

    Don’t lie: it was a little awkward. Begin with the widely-held presumption that once June Jones signed up for S.M.U., taking on the biggest challenge in college football, he was enlisting for good – that this would be his last stop in a topsy-turvy coaching career. And remember that Jones is rewarded handsomely for his services, thanks to a few influential and deep-pocketed university supporters, and has as much job security as any coach in the country. So when Jones says that he’s all in, that he’s committed to making things happen at S.M.U., it’s with a high degree of surprise that you hear that he’s hours away from finalizing – nay, had already finalized – a deal with Arizona State. No, that’s not the awkward part. The awkward part is when the deal falls apart, and Jones strolls back into Dallas, whistling as if nothing ever happened. That’s a little awkward.

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      Houston Turns Coaching Search Inward

      Update This story was supposed to run first thing tomorrow morning, but Houston just named interim head coach Tony Levine as Kevin Sumlin’s successor. That makes this story not entirely relevant, but nonetheless, it still works — sort of.

      Houston Nutt did it the best. It was Nutt, way back in 2004, who turned a rumored connection with then-Nebraska athletic director Steve Pederson into a multiple-year contract extension from Arkansas. Last November, a rumor surfaced that Nutt was going to be Dan Hawkins’ replacement at Colorado, and only pure ridiculousness prevented that innuendo from being taken seriously. Even last month, when on his last legs at Mississippi, Nutt’s name surfaced as a potential replacement for Larry Porter at Memphis. No one did it better, thanks in large part to Jimmy Sexton, the chief of Nutt’s illustrious team of representatives.

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        The Countdown

        A bottom-to-top assessment of the F.B.S. landscape heading into the 2012 season.