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No. 99: Central Michigan

Roy Kramer’s impact on college football reaches beyond the borders of Mount Pleasant, Mich., where he spent 11 years as the most successful head coach in Central Michigan’s history — with all due respect to Herb Deromedi. After concluding his coaching career in 1977, Kramer was hired as the athletic director at Vanderbilt, serving in that position through 1990 before being named commissioner of the SEC. It’s in this capacity that Kramer changed the game. First, in 1991, he added Arkansas and South Carolina. A year later, the SEC became the first league in the F.B.S. to play a conference title game. Over the next decade, a period that saw the SEC develop into the most dominant league in N.C.A.A. history, Kramer brokered record-breaking television deals with contracts stretching long past the end of his tenure in 2002. Oh, and before we forget: the B.C.S. was Kramer’s brainchild. You like college football as it currently stands? You can thank Kramer. Then again, if you hate the way the landscape has changed, feel free to blame Kramer.

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    Random Spring Thoughts: C.M.U.

    Using a combination of various computer programs and the Internet — a task nearly beyond my limited computing skills — I selected 25 F.B.S. teams at random. Teams lucky enough to have been randomly selected will be reviewed with several random thoughts as we enter the heart of spring practice. Up next: Central Michigan, which now asks credential media personnel to sleep with the fishes.

    Let me tell you something about Kyle Warber, who covers Central Michigan football for MLive.com: he won’t take an injustice lying down. Consider the case of “Fire Up Chips,” a phrase the university uses in its marketing which also doubles as the name of Warber’s C.M.U. sports blog. In late December, after Warber penned several articles questioning the direction of the program under first-year coach Dan Enos, the university informed MLive.com that it must cease and desist from using that name — roughly five years after the blog first debuted. So what did Warber do about that?

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      The Countdown

      A bottom-to-top assessment of the F.B.S. landscape heading into the 2012 season.