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Checking In, A Few Thoughts, Etc.

Hey, miss you guys. Just wanted to say hello, how’s it going, how’s everything, how’s your team doing, how’s your coach, how’s your quarterback, etc. It’s been a wild year so far, right? Alabama is what we thought it’d be. Not so much with L.S.U., however. But count me among those folks who think that the Tigers will be fine; from my vantage point, I think that L.S.U. is keeping a ton under wraps, and that come November, you’re going to see a few wrinkles appear with a national title berth on the line. Florida should scare Les Miles and pals, on the other hand – the Gators can play a little defense, it seems.

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    No. 8: Texas

    DeLoss Dodds and Texas are consistently painted as out of touch with reality, puttering along like money-mad oil barons as the F.B.S. continues to draw and redraw its borders through conference expansion. In the case of Mack Brown’s offseason contract extension, however, Dodds and Texas show that the program is far from out of touch, despite recent examples to the contrary. “I’ve been here 30 years,” Dodds told The Dallas Morning News’ Chuck Carlton in January, “and I’ve never been more committed to a coach than I am to Mack and the future of this program.” Dodds, through Carlton: “We’re poised to be back again. We just need the kids to be a little older.” Come the fall, Texas won’t just be more hip to how last year’s new coordinators do business on each side of the ball; they’ll be a year wiser and a year more experienced, which lends credence to the idea that Texas is simply days away from returning to the nation’s elite. Extending Brown’s contract only solidifies the idea that once the Longhorns do return to prominence, they won’t be dropping back out of sight anytime soon.

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      The Year in Review: Texas (8-5, 4-5)

      Bill Powers, DeLoss Dodds joint statement: “We want Mack Brown to be The University of Texas football coach for as long as he wants.”Tue Jan 24 23:21:03 via TweetDeck

      DeLoss Dodds and Texas are going all-in with Mack Brown and company, putting to rest any idea that, say, a certain report from a certain radio station in Topeka held any validity when it came to Brown’s future with the program. In a conversation with The Dallas Morning News’ Chuck Carlton, Dodds said of Brown, “he’ll be here as long as he wants to be.” This after the university decided to add another four years to Brown’s current contract, which now runs through the 2020 season. The contract, Dodds told Carlton, is a “thank you to Mack,” and if anyone deserves thanks for all that Texas football has become it’s Brown — yes, even after winning only eight games in 2011, one year after winning only five games and failing to reach bowl eligibility.

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        The Countdown

        A bottom-to-top assessment of the F.B.S. landscape heading into the 2012 season.