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No. 118: Akron

Akron hired a Bowden to clean up the mess. No, not that Bowden. Bobby’s done: he’s hung up his whistle, though I’d wager he’d love to be back on the sidelines at Doak Campbell Stadium – it is Bobby Bowden Field at the Doak, after all. It’s the other Bowden. No, not that one. Tommy, who’s been out of coaching since he was fired at Clemson midway through the 2008 season, will surface sooner or later; I thought he should have been Tulane’s pick this offseason, but that’s neither here nor there. It’s the other Bowden. You know, Terry, formerly of Auburn, where his debut in 1993 remains the most inexplicable undefeated season in college football history. After winning 29 games over three years at North Alabama, Terry’s back in the F.B.S. – in the MAC, but still. Terry’s not Bobby, but he’s not Jeff, either. Though Jeff, Terry’s brother, is on his staff with the Zips.

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