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Idaho-Based Bowl History (2011 Edition)

The inaugural Humanitarian Bowl — since renamed five times — matched Cincinnati, then of Conference USA, against Utah State, then of the Big West, and hasn’t been mentioned by anyone over the 14 years since. This is the Humanitarian Bowl, regardless of the sponsor: permanently in your rearview mirror. But the games themselves have often been as unpredictable as the bowl’s seemingly annual search for a sponsor, which has led the bowl through six different incarnations – from a Web site to a computer hardware distributor to a transportation data provider to a potato.

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    Third Time’s a Trend

    Three years, three bowls, three disappointing, distressing losses. What do Colorado State, Wyoming and Northern Illinois have in common? All three entered bowl play against Fresno State as underdogs, if not in the point spread at least in national perception; all three dictated the tempo on the ground; and all three pushed around a Fresno State team that seemed unready for any semblance of resistance. Eight wins is great, but the Bulldogs cannot afford to continue to head into the winter with an ugly bowl performance as its lasting memory.

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      Humanitarian Bowl: N.I.U. vs. Fresno St.

      Note to all assistant coaches looking for a lead job at a B.C.S. conference institution: the quickest road to the top winds through the MAC. Yes, you’re better off taking that job at Eastern Michigan — bad example — than becoming the coordinator at your local powerhouse. Case in point: Jerry Kill. Yet again, win 10 games in the MAC and you’re virtually guaranteed a high-paying job at some B.C.S. conference program, one likely in the region, one coming off a losing season, one where work needs to be done, yet a B.C.S. conference job nonetheless. Did I mention the salary?

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        The Countdown

        A bottom-to-top assessment of the F.B.S. landscape heading into the 2012 season.