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No. 67: Utah State

From 1998-2010, a lifetime in this sport, there may not have been a worse program in college football: Utah State went 43-106 over this 13-year span, never winning more than five games and winning a combined 15 games from 2003-8. It was never, ever pretty; it was always ugly, or very, very often ugly. But Gary Andersen never lost faith, it seems, and after watching his teams make subtle progress from 2009-10 he led Utah State into bowl play last fall after a 14-year absence. Not that it was easy. And not that this past season didn’t have the fan base reaching for antacids: just as six losses came by a combined 26 points, Utah State’s total margin of victory over its five-game winning streak to end the regular season was only 19 points. It was never easy. But the road to perennial success is pocked with these sort of stumbles, often of the self-inflicted variety. The key is for the Aggies to take these life lessons and run with them, beginning in 2012 and moving beyond — from one conference, the WAC, to another, the Mountain West. The best news? Now that Andersen has tattooed a Utah State logo somewhere on his person, he’s not going anywhere. Right?

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