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No. 72: Kentucky

You’d say Kentucky’s mired in a rut, then you’d look at the team’s win total over the six years prior to these heady days of bowl berth after bowl berth: two, two, seven, four, two and three. So this five-year bowl run is nothing short of miraculous, whether or not Kentucky gets to six wins by going 4-0 during its shockingly weak non-conference slate and 2-6 in the deadly SEC. Who cares? For all the talk about it being otherwise, there are really only three schools which look at football as merely a time-killer: North Carolina, Duke and Kentucky. Any schools that say otherwise are merely trying to lessen the embarrassing play of its football program, more or less. Kentucky football is just here to pass the time, making the idea that Kentucky is stuck in a seven-win rut all the more ludicrous. Seven wins? Sign me up.

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    BBVA Compass Bowl: Pittsburgh vs. U.K.

    Vindictive? Well, maybe. Stubborn? No question. To make a metaphor we can all understand, Dave Wannstedt is the dejected former boyfriend, asked by his ex-girlfriend — Pittsburgh and Steve Pederson — to honor the date they made prior to the moment when the girl ended the relationship, breaking the poor guy’s heart. Like all the rejected, Wannstedt had three options: be classy, honoring the date without incident; or use the opportunity to ruin the girl’s night, causing a scene and embarrassing all involved; or just stay home, take the phone off the hook and ignore the whole situation. Wannstedt has chosen the latter option.

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      The Countdown

      A bottom-to-top assessment of the F.B.S. landscape heading into the 2012 season.