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No. 28: Tennessee

It’s time for Tennessee to think positively. Yes, Derek Dooley promised a thorough examination of his coaching staff after last season, especially when the offseason began with a loss to Kentucky fresh in mind – though few thought that Dooley would be forced to undergo such a coaching overhaul. The pessimistic take is that the seven assistant coaches who left U.T. were jumping ship before it ran aground, joining Washington or Nebraska in a quest for better job security. The optimistic take is that the program needed fresh blood and a new voice. The talent is there; perhaps the Volunteers simply need a push in the right direction. Optimistically, the Volunteers may be in a better place, staffing-wise, than they were at the end of the 2011 season. But beware: Dooley won’t get a free pass in 2012 based on the staffing moves. The standards remain the same, with anything less than a seven-win regular season grounds for another major coaching shakeup — beginning with Dooley and continuing with his entire staff.

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