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Checking In, A Few Thoughts, Etc.

Hey, miss you guys. Just wanted to say hello, how’s it going, how’s everything, how’s your team doing, how’s your coach, how’s your quarterback, etc. It’s been a wild year so far, right? Alabama is what we thought it’d be. Not so much with L.S.U., however. But count me among those folks who think that the Tigers will be fine; from my vantage point, I think that L.S.U. is keeping a ton under wraps, and that come November, you’re going to see a few wrinkles appear with a national title berth on the line. Florida should scare Les Miles and pals, on the other hand – the Gators can play a little defense, it seems.

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    No. 60: Navy

    Navy is a program that judges its success using three standards: Army, Air Force and bowl eligibility. The Midshipmen are relatively alone in this regard, as the vast majority of the F.B.S. uses more general and wide-ranging criteria – win eight games, for example, or finish above .500 in conference play or play in a January bowl, to name a few. This often plays in Navy’s favor, especially with an often stout schedule of B.C.S. conference opponents lowering the team’s overall won-loss record, but you can also see a drawback: when Navy falters in one or two of its three criteria for success, the year can quickly take a turn for the worse. Navy missed on two of its three guidelines last fall, losing by a single point against Air Force and missing out on the postseason thanks to five close-but-no-cigar defeats. This runs contrary to popular logic: Navy aims small, but when it misses, it misses big.

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      Army Needs a Healthy Steelman at QB

      Army has something Navy and Air Force don’t, and this fact alone might be the reason why the Cadets might make a surprise trip to the White House next spring. Unlike their rivals for the Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy, the Cadets return their starting quarterback. And not just any starting quarterback: a three-year starting quarterback, that rarest of all rarities.

      Senior Trent Steelman has held the key’s Army running game — and, by extension, to the offense as a whole — since the first game of his freshman season, making him not only the most experienced quarterback among the three service academies but also one of the most experienced quarterbacks in all of college football.

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        No. 88 : Army

        As an Independent, Army has the ability to dictate its own schedule. To a degree: Army still needs to play Navy in December; the Cadets still need to fit Air Force into the schedule around the Falcons’ Mountain West slate; and Army would do what it took to get Notre Dame on the schedule, because Notre Dame is, well, Notre Dame. And as an institution, Army has the financial security to play anyone, anytime, anywhere – the Cadets were doing so long before Fresno State coined the phrase. Think about these two facts, that Army can dictate its own schedule and can largely pick and choose its opponents, and then consider this: the Cadets’ 2012 schedule has them playing 11 games over 11 weeks. Army could have played a game on Sept. 1 and then taken a week off. Had at least two games between Temple on Nov. 17 and Navy on Dec. 8. Instead: 11 games, 11 weeks. This won’t be easy.

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          The Year in Review: Air Force (7-6, 3-4)

          Sometimes, too many cooks spoil the broth. Sometimes, it’s possible to put too much on one’s plate — not in terms of dinner, but in the number of tasks given to an assistant coach. Air Force has a head coach, the underrated Troy Calhoun. He has nine assistants, like everyone else in the country, but only one assistant is given a single task to manage: Matt Weikert handles Air Force’s outside linebackers, and that’s it. Everyone else is doubling down, tripling down or even quadrupling down, and sometimes — as just noted above — it’s possible to put too much on an assistant’s plate. Could that be happening at Air Force?

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            364 Days to Think About the C.I.C.

            B.Y.U. had 365 days to consider last year’s loss to Utah State before retaking the field against the Aggies. Based on last night’s result, the Cougars might have needed another day or two; a win is a win, but the 27-24 victory seemed to raise questions, not provide answers. Navy has had only 364 days to ponder 2010’s 14-6 loss to Air Force in Colorado Springs, which snapped – eventually – the Midshipmen’s seven-year hold on the Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy. To say this game isn’t meaningful when held against Navy’s late-season date with Army isn’t entirely incorrect: Army means more, always has, always will. Air Force is just running a close second – a very, very close second.

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              Air Force-Navy: A Changing of the Guard

              At last, Air Force lands a win over Navy. The Falcons own the path to the C.I.C.'s Trophy.

              It’s been eight years since a team other than Navy owned the Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy: every year since 2002, it’s been the Midshipmen — not Air Force, not Army — taking home the coveted service academy-only trophy. Barring a miracle, the streak is over. Air Force took down Ricky Dobbs and the Mids, 14-6, thanks to a superb defense and a big-play effort from the special teams — a blocked punt in the fourth quarter gave the Falcons their final eight-point margin. Not that it’s over; don’t give Air Force the C.I.C.’s Trophy just yet. If there’s a three-way tie — if Navy beats Army, Air Forces loses to Army — the Trophy remains Navy’s possession. Is that asking too much?

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                Commander-in-Chief’s Two-Way Race

                Which team will meet the President in early 2011? Does Army have a shot at the trophy?

                Why should the Cadets even show up? Navy’s a borderline Top 25 team, Air Force is again an eight-win club. The Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy will go through this pair, with the winner of the Oct. 2 date in Colorado dictating whether Navy retains the top spot or Air Force breaks the Mids’ seven-year grasp on the trophy. History is certainly on the side of such a claim: Navy has won eight straight over Army, seven straight over Air Force; the Falcons have taken each of the last four and 12 of the past 13 against the Cadets.

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                  The Countdown

                  A bottom-to-top assessment of the F.B.S. landscape heading into the 2012 season.