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Five New N.C.A.A. Rules Are Felt Early

Each of the five new rules instituted over the summer by the N.C.A.A. were visible over the season’s opening weekend, though no one change more so than the alterations to the existing kickoff rule – kickoffs now take place from the 35-yard line, and instead of being spotted at the 20, touchbacks are now moved up to the 25. When it was first announced, the rule suggested one of two alternatives: teams could either kick it deep, going for the touchback, or kick it high and short, hoping that their coverage squads could get downfield in time to prevent a return from reaching the 25-yard line. So what route did most teams take through the first week of games?

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    P.S.R. 1-124: Week 2 Re-Ranking

    With the weekend in the books, here’s a look at how the country ranks — using the original rankings as the starting point, with the season’s results as rationale for any movement. The top 25 teams land a one-sentence breakdown. The rest? Not so much. Part of the perks of being one of the best. Think your team is too low? Feel another team deserves more credit, less credit? Let’s hear it below. It’s a delicate ranking process, particularly with only one week in the books, so you may see one team ranked below a team it just beat — see Texas State and Houston, for example. Don’t be alarmed. Everything will become clearer by the end of the month.

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      Clemson Carries the A.C.C. in Week One

      Until – and perhaps after – Clemson sealed a 26-19 win over Auburn with a late interception, the A.C.C. was the loser of the opening weekend. Was Clemson’s win a weekend-saver for the conference? I’m not quite sure. But it was absolutely a game-changing win for the Tigers; more on that below.

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        No. 24: Clemson

        There are three Clemsons inside of Clemson, each battling the other for supremacy, and it’s become customary to see at least two of the three over the course of a single season – like last fall, for example. First, there’s Title Contender Clemson: you saw these Tigers over the year’s first eight games and in the A.C.C. title game, when it knocked off Virginia Tech to win the program’s first conference title in 20 years. Then there’s Clemson Being Clemson, a team that lays an egg against Georgia Tech, committing four turnovers in a 14-point loss, or one that nearly plays down to its competition before sneaking a three-point win past Wake Forest – we all know this Clemson. Then there’s My God, Clemson, the team that fails to show up for a rivalry game against the Gamecocks, or the one that allows West Virginia to break the speed limit in a 70-33 Orange Bowl loss. Which Clemson shows up in 2012 – rather, which Clemson shows up more than the others in 2012?

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          A Takeaway From ‘Bama-W.V.U. in 2014

          O.K., so we need to get through the summer, then the fall, then next winter, next spring, followed by next summer, then next fall, then another winter, spring and summer. Once we get through that, this period of two seasons and each year’s offseason, we’ll be ready to watch Alabama take on West Virginia in the Georgia Dome. We’re ready now, actually, but 2014 remains long, long in the distance – it feels like years away, but that can’t be right. One simple takeaway from this high-profile matchup: The Chick-fil-A College Kickoff, due to enter its fifth season this fall, has become the game’s marquee regular season event.

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            Clemson, Georgia Agree to Home-and-Home

            Clemson AD Terry Don Phillips just told members of the Media that Clemson and Georgia will play football in ’13 and ’14Fri Mar 30 20:57:27 via Twitter for iPhone

            The A.C.C. has already announced that it will move to a nine-game conference schedule in 2014, when Pittsburgh and Syracuse were originally pegged to join the league. That may change, however, if the Panthers and Orange are able to extricate themselves from the Big East one year ahead of schedule, as most expect. This leaves the league’s current members with a bit of a scheduling predicament: Active members of the A.C.C. have already planned on dropping one game off their non-conference slate beginning in 2014, but need to have preliminary plans in place for 2013 in case the two programs do make an early move over from the Big East.

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              2011 Selection Saturday: Full Bracket

              Cutting the bracket down to 32 teams – after going with a 68-team tournament last fall – leaves several talented teams in the cold. Among the B.C.S. conferences: Missouri, Texas, N.C. State and Auburn. Among the non-B.C.S. conferences: Ohio, Louisiana-Lafayette, Toledo and Wyoming. But trimming the list creates a very strong 32-team bracket, one with very few easy pairings outside the first round. Imagine the possibilities: Oregon hosting Virginia in the first round; a week later, if all goes according to plan, the Ducks meet T.C.U. in the round of 16. U.S.C. isn’t eligible, but if the Trojans weren’t under a postseason ban, they’d probably slot in as a three seed.

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                At Long Last, the 2012 A.C.C. Schedule

                Contrary to popular thought — something I also believed — the delay in the release of the 2012 A.C.C. schedule wasn’t due to Florida State, which was digging deep in its search for a replacement for Big 12-bound West Virginia, but rather to Georgia Tech, which until last Friday had yet to find an opponent for its open date on Sept. 8. Technically, the primary issue for the Yellow Jackets wasn’t finding an opponent: the program has already agreed to terms with Middle Tennessee State on that Saturday. But after the A.C.C. opted to pit Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech on Monday, Sept. 3, the Jackets wanted to exchange the Blue Raiders for a F.C.S. opponent — due to the short week, the Jackets didn’t want to take the chance that a lower-tier F.B.S. team could pull the upset, as slim as that chance might be.

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                  The Countdown

                  A bottom-to-top assessment of the F.B.S. landscape heading into the 2012 season.