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No. 13: Boise State

Imagine a scenario where Chris Petersen leaves the ball in Kellen Moore’s hands – and you know the game I’m referring to, and you know the moment in question. Boise’s a shade outside the red zone with 25 seconds left. Instead of sliding down in the middle of the field to give Dan Goodale a cleaner shot, Moore finds Matt Miller for a nine-yard gain. He runs up to the line, spikes, stops the clock. That leaves a far easier try for his kicker, but time remains. So Moore drops back again, knowing he can throw it away or, if push comes to shove, take a sack and still have a timeout in hand. He finds Tyler Shoemaker for a 10-yard gain to put Boise on T.C.U.’s doorstep. Petersen calls his final timeout. Goodale comes on for a glorified extra point and sends it home, giving Boise the win. The Broncos end the year 12-0, second in the final B.C.S. standings, and meets L.S.U. in New Orleans for the national title. Win, lose, draw: it doesn’t matter. The Broncos get there, further validating the program’s success since 2006. Instead, the kick sailed wide – meaning that in each of last two years, Boise’s quest for a shot at the title was thrown away by special teams failures.

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    [Coach's Name] Field at [Trustee] Stadium

    True or false: Idaho’s Kibbie Dome is named after Lloyd Kibbie, a former head coach at the university who reeled off eight straight winning seasons before stepping aside in favor of his loyal assistant, Ted Bank, in 1935. Well, one part of that question is true – Bank was named Idaho’s head coach in 1935.

    No, the Kibbie Dome is not named after a former head coach, but rather a construction executive named William H. Kibbie, one of the project’s main contributors. This is how it goes for the wide majority of F.B.S. stadiums: The names on the outside typically honor trustees, school presidents, benefactors, veterans or, simply, the school itself.

    One more true or false: Of the 124 stadiums in the F.B.S., 26 honor a former coach in some fashion – either with his name gracing the stadium or with a field named in his memory. That’s true. Here they are:

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      Boise Gives Petersen a Lifetime Contract

      Chris Petersen’s new contract at Boise State looks a lot like his old contract at Boise State, albeit with a slight boost to his annual salary. In 2010, Petersen inked a deal with the university that raised his annual salary from $850,000 — his payout beginning in 2007, after he led the Broncos to a Fiesta Bowl win — to $1.6 million. The new deal, which kicks in beginning with this coming season, will pay Petersen roughly $11.75 million over five years; that’s an average of $2.35 million per season, though the contract is back-loaded to pay more in 2015 and 2016 than in 2012 and 2013. The first-glance takeaway from this new contract: Petersen is being paid significantly less money than the F.B.S. head coaches who inhabit the same coaching stratosphere.

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        Future Members of the Hall of Fame: Coaches

        So there are issues with the College Football Hall of Fame’s eligibility criteria for coaches, as discussed at length earlier today. Eliminating those whose career spanned less than 10 years is silly; excluding those with a career winning percentage less than 60 percent is ridiculous. But rules are rules: Howard Schnellenberger deserves a spot in the Hall of Fame, but he’ll continue to be ineligible until the National Football Foundation alters its criteria. For now, active or recently active coaches who deserve Hall of Fame consideration must meet the Foundation’s existing — and puzzling — stipulations for inclusion.

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          The Year in Review: Boise State (12-1, 6-1)

          Georgia sniffed Boise State early, but remember: the Broncos were on the doorstep late in the fourth quarter, and if Chris Petersen hadn’t opted to call off the dogs the final score would have been 42-21, not 35-21. Arizona State humiliated itself with a pitiful Las Vegas Bowl performance, but remember: the Broncos scored 56 points, but they could have scored 70. Little victories for the big boys of the world, those B.C.S. conference purebreds who have long looked unfavorably upon Boise State – and the rest of the non-B.C.S. conference landscape. The Broncos had that laugh, not to mention the last laugh; come 2013, Boise State is crashing the party.

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            Names Change, But Beat Goes On in Boise

            From nine to three. After offensive coordinator Brent Pease left to take the same position at Florida and special teams coordinator Jeff Choate the same spot at Washington State earlier today, all that remains of Chris Petersen’s debut staff at Boise State are three loyal assistants: defensive coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski, defensive backs coach Marcel Yates and tight ends and fullbacks coach Scott Huff. The departures continue – Bryan Harsin left for Texas last winter, Justin Wilcox for Tennessee the year before – yet Boise State doesn’t miss a beat, continuing to rack up double-digit win seasons as the programs continues its climb up the B.C.S. ladder.

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              All These Coaches Want For Christmas Is…

              What I’m expecting for Christmas: socks, books, a sweater and an assortment of home goods. What I want for Christmas: toys — I think I still want toys for Christmas. What I’ll get for Christmas: socks, books, a sweater and an assortment of home goods. I still remember when I got laser tag as a kid; that was special. Now? It’s still special, but more so for the family time than the presents. So I’ve grown up — or grown old, or some combination of the two. And you can’t always get what you want: just ask some of college football’s best coaches, who asked for something they really want and need for Christmas but will likely end up with socks, books — maybe not books, actually — a sweater and an assortment of home goods.

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                So What if it Was 1997, Not 2011?

                On Monday, Boise State’s Chris Petersen told local reporters that “everyone was tired of the B.C.S. system.” Petersen is wrong: not everyone is tired of the B.C.S. system. Why, Frank Beamer likes it just fine, thank you. As does Michigan and Brady Hoke. Alabama adores the B.C.S., as you’d think, and so does the SEC as a whole. The entire B.C.S. conference landscape has little issue with the B.C.S. in its current formation, and this year’s B.C.S. slate has done little to diminish those feelings of content. It’s the little guys, the Boise States of the world, who aren’t exactly tickled pink. But what if the B.C.S. didn’t exist? What if we were back in the old bowl system, the pre-B.C.S. days? Would that make everyone happy?

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