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No. 2: Boise State

Last year’s loss to Nevada made the point null and void, but detractors were coming out of the woodwork to belittle Boise State for much of last season, until it became clear that the Broncos were no longer a threat. Hate’s not too strong a word: petty, hoity-toity hate at that, the sort of condescension the old guard throw at the nouveau riche. And that’s not really hate at all, to be honest, but rather fear — fear that for all your bluster, you’d come up well short should you and Boise State meet between the white lines. And you know what? You wouldn’t be the first. Get in line, just behind elite powers like Oregon, T.C.U. and Virginia Tech. You’ll recognize those teams by this simple fact: you don’t hear them crowing about Boise State not deserving a seat the table, since they’ve had their turn and went home with a loss, now firm in their belief that Boise can beat anyone, anytime, anywhere.

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