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No. 86: Maryland

The two most hated coaches in college football: the guy in charge of your biggest rival and Randy Edsall. The first coach depends on your allegiance — Auburn fans hate Nick Saban, while the Crimson Tide faithful return the favor with Gene Chizik; U.C.L.A. fans still hold Pete Carroll in contempt; Arizona and Arizona State fans are still learning about Todd Graham and Rich Rodriguez, respectively, but both sides hate what they’ve seen thus far. Every fan base, even parts of Maryland’s own fan base, hates Randy Edsall. Casual fans hate Edsall. Plugged-in fans hate Edsall. They hate his demeanor. They hate his my-way-or-the-highway style. They hate how he drove off a fifth of Maryland’s roster. They hate how he stymied Danny O’Brien’s transfer before pulling back on the throttle. They hate how he took nine-win Maryland and turned it into two-win Maryland. Hate, hate, hate. Edsall’s already lost the battle of public opinion, and lost it permanently, perhaps. All that’s left for Edsall to do is win the war — by winning big at Maryland, making fans hate him for a whole other reason altogether.

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    No. 123: South Alabama

    South Alabama didn’t rush into things: the Jaguars took things slow, didn’t overplay their hand, stayed cool while other F.B.S. wannabes rushed through the motions while climbing the ladder. The university christened its program in 2009 against a seven-game slate of military academies — not Army and Navy, but Hargrave, Louisburg and Fork Union — and junior colleges. A year later, the Jaguars added four F.C.S. programs into the mix. The end results remained the same: young and untested South Alabama started 17-0, outscoring its 17 opponents from 2009-10 by a combined score of 734-171. Not a misprint. South Alabama knew one thing before it started this whole endeavor: you aren’t spotted a touchdown because you moved to the F.B.S. quicker than the rest. That might get you a few headlines, but a rapid climb isn’t worth the ink if you’re not ready once you arrive.

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      The Countdown

      A bottom-to-top assessment of the F.B.S. landscape heading into the 2012 season.