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Pick 10, F.B.S. Notebook: Week 3 (Sept. 15)

Do you remember the last time Notre Dame took a trip to East Lansing? You might not remember the game’s first 60 minutes and change, but that’s fine: things didn’t get wild until overtime, when Michigan State answered a Notre Dame field goal with the most audacious coaching decision of the 2010 season. Now you remember, right? Dan Conroy is lined up for the potentially game-tying 46-yard field goal; Aaron Bates, the punter and team captain, was the holder; tight end Charlie Gantt was lined up one spot inside from the edge to Conroy’s right. The call: “Little Giants.” The snap went to Bates, as expected – and then came the unexpected. You’ll see the rest of the play later tonight, when the Irish and Spartans meet in one of the day’s marquee games. Let’s run down the entire weekend’s action.

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    Setting Early Non-B.C.S. Conference Odds

    Technically, there are seven non-B.C.S. conference teams still in the B.C.S. mix: Boise State, B.Y.U., Louisiana-Lafayette, Louisiana-Monroe, Louisiana Tech, Ohio and Utah State. The number would be eight if Texas-San Antonio was eligible for postseason play, but alas – the Roadrunners, still undefeated after walloping Texas A&M-Commerce, must resign themselves to playing out the string. Unless you’re Boise State, a one-loss non-automatic qualifier is not reaching a B.C.S. bowl without some degree of divine intervention, or the sort of N.C.A.A. intervention that would leave 75 teams ineligible for the postseason.

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      No. 13: Boise State

      Imagine a scenario where Chris Petersen leaves the ball in Kellen Moore’s hands – and you know the game I’m referring to, and you know the moment in question. Boise’s a shade outside the red zone with 25 seconds left. Instead of sliding down in the middle of the field to give Dan Goodale a cleaner shot, Moore finds Matt Miller for a nine-yard gain. He runs up to the line, spikes, stops the clock. That leaves a far easier try for his kicker, but time remains. So Moore drops back again, knowing he can throw it away or, if push comes to shove, take a sack and still have a timeout in hand. He finds Tyler Shoemaker for a 10-yard gain to put Boise on T.C.U.’s doorstep. Petersen calls his final timeout. Goodale comes on for a glorified extra point and sends it home, giving Boise the win. The Broncos end the year 12-0, second in the final B.C.S. standings, and meets L.S.U. in New Orleans for the national title. Win, lose, draw: it doesn’t matter. The Broncos get there, further validating the program’s success since 2006. Instead, the kick sailed wide – meaning that in each of last two years, Boise’s quest for a shot at the title was thrown away by special teams failures.

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        Playoffs: What We Know, What We Don’t

        What we know: After two more years of B.C.S. living, the F.B.S. will adopt a four-team playoff system for the 2014 season. The playoff system is scheduled to run for the following 12 years. The four teams will be picked via a to-be-named selection committee.

        The standard for selection will begin with won-loss record, followed by strength of scheduled, followed by head-to-head results, with whether a team is its conference champion the final criteria. The semifinal games will rotate among six bowl sites, with the national title game going “to the highest bidder.”

        The Champions Bowl, Rose Bowl and an unnamed A.C.C. bowl game will comprise three of the six semifinal bowls; the other three are still undecided. Cowboys Stadium is one neutral site expected to enter the bidding for the national title game.

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          A.P.R. Scores Viewed at 2014-15 Level

          The latest Academic Progress Rates, released yesterday by the N.C.A.A., uses the baseline of a four-year score of 900 for postseason eligibility. By that standard, all 120 F.B.S. programs – not yet 124 when this data was compiled – earn a passing grade.

          But beginning with the 2014-15 academic year, the baseline to avoid penalties will increase to 930, putting a few F.B.S. programs in danger of suffering one or more of several potential penalties: a postseason ban, a loss of scholarships or a loss of practice time, for example.

          According to the N.C.A.A., an A.P.R. score of 930 equates to a graduation rate of roughly 50 percent. While the current rate of 900 remains in place for the next two years, the increased standard has the potential to impact a handful of B.C.S. and non-B.C.S. conference programs.

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            [Coach's Name] Field at [Trustee] Stadium

            True or false: Idaho’s Kibbie Dome is named after Lloyd Kibbie, a former head coach at the university who reeled off eight straight winning seasons before stepping aside in favor of his loyal assistant, Ted Bank, in 1935. Well, one part of that question is true – Bank was named Idaho’s head coach in 1935.

            No, the Kibbie Dome is not named after a former head coach, but rather a construction executive named William H. Kibbie, one of the project’s main contributors. This is how it goes for the wide majority of F.B.S. stadiums: The names on the outside typically honor trustees, school presidents, benefactors, veterans or, simply, the school itself.

            One more true or false: Of the 124 stadiums in the F.B.S., 26 honor a former coach in some fashion – either with his name gracing the stadium or with a field named in his memory. That’s true. Here they are:

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              A Takeaway From ‘Bama-W.V.U. in 2014

              O.K., so we need to get through the summer, then the fall, then next winter, next spring, followed by next summer, then next fall, then another winter, spring and summer. Once we get through that, this period of two seasons and each year’s offseason, we’ll be ready to watch Alabama take on West Virginia in the Georgia Dome. We’re ready now, actually, but 2014 remains long, long in the distance – it feels like years away, but that can’t be right. One simple takeaway from this high-profile matchup: The Chick-fil-A College Kickoff, due to enter its fifth season this fall, has become the game’s marquee regular season event.

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                Picture the M.W.C. in 2013 and Beyond

                Upon further review of today’s post on Colorado State, one line that I first viewed as a throwaway quote seemed worthy of future examination: “The Mountain West will have a power vacuum after this season,” I wrote, “and there’s no reason why the Rams, after one or two seasons of development, can’t be one of two or three teams capable of filling the void.” While this idea — that the Mountain West will be up for grabs beginning in 2013 — has no impact on Colorado State’s coming season, the idea that the Rams stand as one of a few teams in line to take control of this Boise State-free league come next fall is an important factor for the program to consider as it struggles through an inevitable first-year learning curve under former Alabama offensive coordinator Jim McElwain.

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                  The Countdown

                  A bottom-to-top assessment of the F.B.S. landscape heading into the 2012 season.