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Bielema Makes a Quick Staffing Change

Bret Bielema hired six new assistant coaches this winter. One didn’t make it to October. Bielema fired first-year offensive line coach Mike Markuson on Sunday, one day after the Badgers’ running game sputtered in a 10-7 loss at Oregon State. Said Bielema: “I did due diligence bringing him in. But it was at a point on Sunday that I had contacted people early in the morning, made sure that a transition could happen. And I sat down with [Markuson] Sunday afternoon, had a conversation with him and really wished it wasn’t going to end the way it did.”

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    The Year in Review: Wisconsin (11-3, 6-2)

    It’s not quite Tennessee, but it’s close. The Volunteers lost seven assistants off last year’s staff. Bret Bielema and the Badgers lost six assistants, though it seemed, for a day or two, that the total would jump to seven: Earlier this month, running backs coach Thomas Hammock flirted with the St. Louis Rams before choosing to remain with Wisconsin. But you can see why coaches were leaving Derek Dooley and Tennessee en masse; one former assistant, Eric Russell, openly cited the lack of stability in Knoxville as his rationale for joining Mike Leach at Washington State. Other former Dooley assistants couldn’t be faulted for feeling the same way.

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      230 Things to Occupy 230 Long Days

      There are 230 days until Aug. 30, when a few lucky teams jump ahead of the curve and start the 2012 season on a Thursday, not a Saturday. And for that, the teams in question — I know Utah is one — earn our love and affection. But that lies way, way in the future, and the question now becomes how we fill our college football-free days. For 230 days, here are 230 ideas. Not all are possible; some of us are pretty busy, and the next time I do 230 things over 230 days will be the first time, I must admit. But nonetheless, the list:

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        2010 End-of-Year Awards: Big Ten

        It’s a great problem for a conference to have, though Michigan State can only sit back and wonder what might have been. The Big Ten had three teams finish with matching 11-1 records, 7-1 in conference play, meaning that three’s a crowd — one team had to stay home from B.C.S. play. Thanks to each team’s starting position, one would imagine, Michigan State became the odd team out. Wisconsin and Ohio State, on the other hand, head to the Rose Bowl and Sugar Bowl, respectively. The top-heavy nature of the conference belied a weak middle: five teams finished 7-5 or 6-6 overall. The two programs at the bottom of the conference — Minnesota and Indiana — opted for a coaching change.

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          The Countdown

          A bottom-to-top assessment of the F.B.S. landscape heading into the 2012 season.