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Poor, Poor, Terrible, Awful Savannah State

A few notes on Savannah State, which had to know it was walking into a minefield. The Tigers have won two games in two years, with both victories coming over North Carolina Central – 33-30 last fall, 28-21 in 2010. The Tigers lost seven games by 20 or more points a season ago. According to those in the know, Savannah State is one of the worst F.C.S. teams in the country.

And the worst F.C.S. team in the country drew Mike Gundy and Oklahoma State, of all teams. While breaking in a new quarterback, a few new receivers and a few new offensive linemen, the Cowboys’ walk-ons would have dominated Savannah State.

And the walk-ons did dominate, after the starters played for much of the first quarter. And that’s all: O.S.U. did not – absolutely, positively – run up the score on poor, weak Savannah State. The Cowboys just played football. No more, no less. That’s important to remember.

All O.S.U. did while playing football was score 84 points, which isn’t a misprint. The Cowboys scored nine touchdowns on the ground. Three came through the air. Twelve total touchdowns. Here they are, with time and quarter:

12:15, 1st Joseph Randle, 2-yard run
11:05, 1st Randle, 40-yard run
7:20, 1st Jeremy Smith, 6-yard run
4:40, 1st Smith, 2-yard run
2:15, 1st Smith, 1-yard run
7:00, 2nd Desmond Roland, 5-yard run
3:06, 2nd Roland, 24-yard run
14:45, 3rd J.T. Walsh to John Goodlett, 14-yard pass
11:45, 3rd Roland, 42-yard run
8:00, 3rd Walsh to Austin Hayes, 1-yard pass
14:00, 4th Clint Chelf to Brandon Shepered, 1-yard pass
2:10, 4th Corey Bennett, 10-yard run

In all, Oklahoma State gained 682 yards of total offense. The Cowboys gained 395 yards on 42 carries. Completed 26 of 37 attempts for 287 yards. Punted once. Converted seven of nine on third down. Gained 40 first downs. Just dominated, as you knew they would.

What did Savannah State get for its trouble? A humbling loss, for one. Oh, and a $385,000 paycheck – this was the definition of a “paycheck” game. Next up for Oklahoma State is Arizona, on the road. Up next for Savannah State? A road game against Florida State. It won’t get any easier.

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  1. Dave says:

    These FBS-FCS games are preposterous. They should not even count as wins/losses. If you want a non-conference patsy to open with, schedule a Sun Belt or WAC team.

    If you really want to play a game that you cannot lose, schedule it for a pre-season exhibition game. Or better yet just conduct a scrimmage.

    Do any OK State or FSU fans actually take pride in these wins? Pathetic.

  2. DMK says:

    Dave’s right.

    It’s not poor, poor Savannah St.: the players understand the deal, the coaches, too. And the program gets its paycheck.

    Fans and the integrity of the sport are the losers.

  3. NDB says:

    Remember that FSU are only playing Savannah State because West Virginia pulled out of a scheduled game. I’m pretty sure most Noles fans would rather be playing WV next week.

  4. SisWinSeason says:

    Ask Pittsburgh if Youngstown State was a patsy.

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