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March 24: Les Miles, Quote Machine

Les Miles is an oratorical genius: from using want as both a verb and noun in the same sentence to quotes like this – “Any time that you line up to play in a postseason game, there is an opportunity to win” – L.S.U.’s coach nearly always bring the giggles when he stands in front of a microphone. The above quote, appearing in the next issue of Sports Illustrated and brought to us in the meantime by Andrew Gribble of the Knoxville News-Sentinel, combines our desire for any news from the 2011 national title contenders with a taste of Miles’ ability to make sense when, well, not making much sense. When properly stated, Miles is saying the following: football is a violent game; you need to have a tast for this violence to succeed; he prepares his team for September’s violence by going full-bore during the spring. There. Done.

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  1. Robert K says:

    WE LOVE LES, leave him alone. My favorite quote of his is, “Today we practiced hitting with Sincerity”

  2. Mista31 says:

    Robert, now that is AWESOME! lol. “hitting with sincerity”….gotta love it. Love Les, I tell ya.

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