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Good Times End for “Sweet Caroline” at P.S.U.

Penn State will have a new head coach for Saturday’s opener against Ohio, as well as names on the backs of players’ jerseys, with both changes bucking decades of program tradition. Fans familiar with the university’s game day operations might also notice that unlike in the past, Penn State’s players and coaches will arrive at Beaver Stadium at 9:15 a.m., in street clothes, and not in full uniform, 90 minutes before kickoff.

Another change of note will be heard, not seen. Per the Altoona Mirror, the university has decided to drop Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” from its rotation of non-band music piped in through the stadium’s loudspeakers, citing the song’s lyrics as potentially inappropriate following the sexual-abuse scandal that first rocked the university last November.

Wrote Steve Sampsell and Walt Frank of the Mirror:

“Some concerns by university officials about its lyrics – ‘touching you touching me’ – and the perception of people singing along to them in light of the recent scandal have been expressed.”

The full line from “Sweet Caroline” in question: “Hands / Touching hands / Reaching out / Touching me / Touching you.” Probably not the best song choice at this moment in Penn State’s history, it’s safe to say.

Here’s hoping that dropping “Sweet Caroline” leads Penn State’s game day staff to return choice cuts from the 1999 classic “Star Roars”  into its deserved spot in Penn State’s musical rotation – though the university will need to avoid playing “Ode to Joe,” I’d think.

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