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Franchione Golfs in Horseshoe Bay, Tex.

A happy Dennis Franchione, though rare, was a sight to behold on the A&M sideline.

Hidden inside an otherwise innocuous local news feature — “HSB Men’s Golf Association’s St. Paddy’s Day Green Ball Contest” — is a tidy little tidbit. Can you find the noteworthy name?

HSB Men’s Golf Association Apple Rock Golf Course March 17, 2010 2 Best Ball Net Tournament 1st Place: Larry Olson, Tom Engler, David Cottrell & Lee Keller (126) 2nd Place: Ed Barnes, Chuck Strasburg, Jim Watts & Bob Rowan (127) 3rd Place: Dennis Franchione, Al Jaksa, Rudy Davalos & John Borota (128) 4th Place: Dan Betsinger, Don Gray, Bill Noble & Dou …

Yes, that’s former Texas A&M coach Dennis Franchione, whose roughly $4 million buyout from the university has landed him residence in posh Horseshoe Bay, Tex., about 50 miles outside of Austin. Well, one thing is not surprising: Austin may be the only place in Texas where Franchione would be welcomed with open arms, considering his 32-28 record over five seasons with the Aggies. A&M fans might also note it to be unremarkable to see Franchione come in third.

In case you’ve forgotten, Franchione has made a play to return to coaching following each of the last two seasons: in 2007, he lobbied for the open San Diego State job that eventually went to Ball State’s Brady Hoke, and was unable this past off-season to land the job at U.N.L.V. — one that went to Montana’s Bobby Hauck — despite openly campaigning for the position.

Now, you may be asking two things. One, is that Franchione the same one teeing off at a golf course in Horseshoe Bay? Yes, it is.

You might also be asking why this is noteworthy, why you should care. It’s not, and you shouldn’t. But it’s summer, things are quiet, and I’m tired of just doing Countdown work all day. Besides, I see the potential for a recurring series of posts: Where in the World is Dennis Franchione?

If you have information regarding Franchione’s daily whereabouts, his comings and goings, his favorite haunts in Austin, drop a comment below or shoot an email to audible@presnapread.com. If you can prove your claim, I’ll run it.

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  1. Astros45 says:

    Fran has been seen in the wee hours of the morning outside of Austin at local conveinence stores, making runs at their Little Debbie section.

    The total damage for his Debbie-runs are unknown, but law enforcement estimates the damage upwards of $500 for each of the 9 similar sprees attributed to Coach Fran.

    Word has it that in this past such encounter, Fran had an accomplice matching the description of a former player. The 5’10″, 320 lb black man is believed to be none other that former Aggie running back and school TD record holder Jorvorskie Lane.

    Fran is not believed to dangerous to anyone other that loyal supporting college football fanbases

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