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For Some, A College Football Christmas

I’ve been sick as a dog all week, so like North Carolina in the Independence Bowl, I just didn’t show up. But regularly scheduled programming begins anew starting right… about… now. Earlier in the week, before the virus climbed inside my body and started wreaking havoc, I asked you to send in your college football-related Christmas gifts — I probably should have said holiday gifts, which was an oversight. If your Hanukkah haul included anything interesting, please send it along. In the effort of brevity, and because there’s much to get to after a four-day break, I’m including a small handful from Twitter, email and the comment field.

I did not receive any football-related gifts this year, sadly. As predicted, the haul included books, socks — I actually needed and wanted warm socks — and the like. But here’s what a few of you found under the tree on Christmas morning.

Burnt Orange A vintage Texas Longhorns t-shirt. “Still researching the exact year,” said Burnt. “A block Orange ‘T’ with a bucking steer kind of logo — kind of like the horse on Wyoming’s logo.” Any ideas?

Zachary From his girlfriend, a Northwestern pennant magnet and two Northwestern scrub caps. “The hats you wear during surgery to keep your hair out of the way.” Zachary’s a few months away from graduating from Northwestern’s medical school, so, yeah. Probably someone who’s going places.

Adamsc8 The whole gamut of Cincinnati Bearcats’ paraphernalia: a key chain, winter hat and license plate cover, for starters. Love the license plate cover; it’s a good way to make friends on I-95. Or enemies, I guess. In addition, a Cincinnati blanket and a 2011 Big East champs t-shirt.

Noefli Speaking of making friends or enemies: Noefli got a t-shirt with the scores of every game between Texas and Texas A&M. “I’m not sure if you’ve heard about this, but Texas and A&M won’t play again for quite some time, so this last victory was kind of a big deal,” adds Noefli. Very funny.

@PreSnapRead I got a Johnny Rodgers “Game of the Century” (the real one) autographed picture. http://t.co/rCLnXbW1Tue Dec 27 15:56:00 via Twitter for Android

@Menstrom An autographed picture of Johnny Rodgers from Nebraska-Oklahoma in 1971. “The real” Game of the Century, he adds; bonus points.

BobJ A packet of six “Go Ducks” pencils as a stocking stuffer. BobJ can use them to chart plays during the Rose Bowl.

Christopher Take a deep breath; lots of Minnesota stuff to follow. “Christmas is when my wife spoils (heck, enables) my support of all things Minnesota Gophers,” said Christopher. Here goes: a hooded sweatshirt, a long-sleeve dry-fit, sweatpants, a “Block M” cookie-cutter, cupcake cups “with Block M’s and Goldy Gopher’s face on them,” a water bottle, a notepad for the office and a new stocking. Oh, and the amazing Minnesota gnome shown above.

Oliver A solid haul of Oregon gear for the office: a pair of 2012 calendars — one for the desk, one for the wall — and an Oregon helmet for storing pens. It’s “office swag” for Oliver: “even in D.C. it’s necessary to deck out the office.”

Hokieshibe Virginia Tech stuff, as you’d imagine. An orange sweatshirt to compliment the decade-old maroon sweatshirt. I imagine that’s a subtle hint from the family. A Virginia Tech tree ornament: “Can you believe I hadn’t gotten one before now?! Neither could I.” Also, a nice piece of Virginia Tech stemware to add to the collection.

CJ A good question for the masses. “I live in San Francisco,” writes CJ, “and, for Christmas, received tickets to this year’s Fight Hunger Bowl to see U.C.L.A. play Illinois. Does this mean I was naughty or nice?” Great question. Eh, I’d say you were walking the fine line between naughty and nice: a little of one, a little of the other.

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  1. Mark says:

    Questions for Adamsc8,

    Are you coming down to Memphis to see Cincy in the Liberty Bowl? I have a couple of Vandy grads in the family, so we’ll be doing it up. Holler if you’re coming down and want advice on where to eat, stuff to do, etc.

  2. Burnt Orange says:

    So what did you get Paul ? I am thinking it is something Badger-like.

    Paul: It may have been rabies. It may also have been a strain of the Ebola virus. Either way, it was not fun. But back in the saddle now. Hovering around 80 percent. Should be at full capacity by the end of the weekend.

  3. Clayton Adams says:


    Unfortunately I just took a trip at the beginning of December to Haiti and getting more time off from my job wasn’t possible. Thanks a lot for the helpfulness, I wish I could be there. Hear Memphis is a pretty cool city, all my friends keep telling me about Bael street (or something like that.)

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