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News: I’m Heading Over to USA Today

News: I will be joining USA Today on Oct. 1, covering college football, after spending five years at The New York Times and, most of all, the last two-plus years writing for you guys here at Pre-Snap Read. Believe me, it’s the latter stop that I’m most proud of. Think of all that we’ve been through since May 4, 2010, when Pre-Snap Read first opened its doors with a somewhat incorrect manifesto – looking back, I promised a semi-regular podcast and didn’t deliver. There have been three rounds of the Countdown; P.S.R. Op-Eds; Heisman breakdowns; Locksley breakdowns; B.C.S. conference profiles; non-B.C.S. conference profiles; news; analysis; the kitchen sink.

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    A Pre-Snap Read Manifesto

    Karl Marx

    Karl Marx approves of this manifesto.

    Perhaps you’ve stumbled upon us by accident, though seeing as the only folks who are aware of this site’s existence are those we’ve told, you’re likely in the right place. If you’re lost – it’s not important what you were looking for, we don’t judge – we hope you hang around. Not that there aren’t other options; there are, and then some. But the plan here at Pre-Snap Read is to provide the well-read college football fan with the insight and analysis needed to get ready for every Saturday from September through early January. Not to mention those long, dreary months between seasons. And we’ll give it to you with a sense of humor and, as you can tell from the above paragraph, a healthy dose of humility.

    Everyone loves a list (more on that in a moment), so here are a few numbered points to print out, attach to your refrigerator and use to get us back on track if we lose our path. What can you expect from Pre-Snap Read? Ask not what you can do for Pre-Snap Read, but what can Pre-Snap Read do for you? Take it away, numbered points:

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      The Countdown

      A bottom-to-top assessment of the F.B.S. landscape heading into the 2012 season.