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Boise State Doesn’t Play the Game

Boise scored 48 points on lowly San Jose State, but the Broncos could have scored 80.

As if we needed another reason to question the motives of several voters in either polls. Let’s take a look, if you dare, at the poll put forth by ESPN’s Craig James. Heading into Saturday, James had the following top five: Alabama, Oregon, Ohio State, Nebraska and Boise State. What’s done is done; it’s not a terrible top group, all told. Here’s the top five James has heading into today: Oregon, Auburn, Oklahoma, Boise State and Michigan State.

I suppose we can understand Auburn’s bump, as the Tigers dispatched Arkansas in a 65-point onslaught. Oklahoma, on the other hand — the Sooners, sixth a week ago, takes a three-spot leap thanks to a win over mighty Iowa State. Boise State suffers. Why? If for nothing else, it’s because Boise doesn’t play to impress the national voting bloc. And the Broncos should be commended for it.

Do you think Boise State couldn’t have scored 80 points on San Jose State last night? The Broncos could have scored 100, in fact, if they had kept the pedal down for four quarters. Instead, the Broncos barely broke a sweat for 30 minutes.

Boise held a 41-0 advantage at the half. Kellen Moore completed 14 of his 16 attempts over the first two quarters, throwing for 231 yards and a pair of scores; Doug Martin rushed for 68 yards and 2 touchdowns; Titus Young made 7 receptions for 105 yards; and neither was heard from again.

Beauty points, sadly, count for something. When Boise called off the dogs — with only half the game in the books — it cost itself some national recognition. Again — sadly. Voters shouldn’t be swayed by margin of victory; they are, however, and would have taken notice of the Broncos had they rolled through the second half with another 40-point outburst instead of doing the right thing.

The right thing: not humiliating your opponent. The Broncos take their cue from their coach, Chris Petersen, who while dry and taciturn remains one of the best leaders — not to mention one of the best coaches — in the country. Gaining an extra vote or two, while good for Boise’s end goal, sends the wrong message to a program built on gaining respect, not losing the respect of others to impress the national punditry.

When all is said and done, Boise wins. We know for this sure in the little picture: Boise has already won my respect. It’s not just about winning, but in the way the Broncos go about doing so. Oklahoma continued to pass into the second half against a second-tier conference foe — and are rewarded for the impressive margin of victory.

Boise called off the dogs. See, Boise doesn’t play the game — doesn’t know how to, doesn’t want to, wouldn’t for all the B.C.S. money in the world. Those voters not paying attention, merely glancing over the final score while completing their misguided ballot, are missing the point. Boise could score 80 points against a San Jose State team, likely earning national praise and recognition.

The Broncos choose not to. Don’t penalize them for doing the right thing. If there is any fair play lurking somewhere in the B.C.S. — deep, deep down inside — Boise State’s sense of fair play will result in a chance to show just how impressive it can be against a top-notch foe with a national title on the line.

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  1. Bob J says:

    I run my own rating system which has a factor based on the final score, but there is a cap. After the final point spread gets so large, anything larger doesn’t make a difference. That, I think, is how it should be.

    So give Boise State credit for not running up the score, but that’s the extent of it. Their win against Va Tech was not decisive, and they won against a mediocre Oregon State team. Now they go through the WAC like a hot knife through warm butter, which a dozen other teams in the country could do.

    The problem is that we will never see how good Boise State really is until they play a schedule that has more than one losable game in it. Nor do they deserve equal consideration for a national title game until they do.

  2. John Irons says:

    Not to badmouth anybody or their job, but do a little research on who these voters are and the rags they write for and it will make you gasp. I’m so glad the BCS doesn’t use the AP anymore.

  3. Rookierookie says:

    You can get penalized in the votes if you run up the score. The voters don’t like that.

  4. Bill says:


    Didn’t hurt Oregon in it’s first few games.

  5. schedule nit says:

    Rookierookie; bwahahahaha! Roflol! Bwahahahaha!

    Ok, seriously. I defy you to find ONE instance where that has actually happened.

    Personally I already had Oklahoma over Boise due to their very strong OOC.

  6. Burnt Orange says:

    I am surprised that James has time to put together a Top 5- between TV gig, helicopter parenting and calling son’s coaches – plus the travel – where does the man find the time?

    As to Boise, they are hosed if any two of Oregon, Sparty, Aubie, LSU or Sooner run the table. Not to mention a one loss Bama or one loss Bucks. Plus if OU is in the mix look for Fox to bring in Barry Switzer for his completely objective view of the world as the weekly ratings are announced.

    In my opinion, Boise has earned a shot if they run the table and as to their schedule- until the big boys ( other than Oregon schools ) pick up the phone and schedule a home and home with Boise , I do not want to hear it.

  7. Russ says:

    in Oregon’s 2 giant blowouts, the starters were sitting down in the 2nd quarter.

    The fact that they kept scoring (albeit not nearly at the same pace), speaks to their depth. Not only were the 1s better than NM/PSU, the 2s were as well, and so were the 3s.

  8. Russ says:

    The Boise Schedule is hugely problematic. They KNOW they have an uphill road to climb. Lets face it, this has been an issue for going on a decade now; it’s nothing new.

    Given that, what on earth are TOLEDO and WYOMING doing on their schedule? Really? They set their own cap when they decided to only schedule a Maximum of 4 real games. This is in their control, and they chose not to do anything about it.

    Also, they love to play the victim (OH NOES, NOBODY WILL PLAY US!). The fact is, the BSU stadium only holds about 34K. As a BCS player, if you sign a Home-at-Home with them, you’re giving back 1/2 to 3/4 of a million dollars, as opposed to a Home-at-Home with another BCS opponent. The dollar amount only works out in 2-for-1s. Thats why almost every BCS-Mid Major game agreement is structured as a 2-for-1. It’s about balancing the AD budget.

    BSU likes to pretend they’re different. But financially they’re not. And yet they refuse to play the financial hand they’re dealt. They didn’t play a SINGLE MEANINGFUL ROAD NON-CONFERENCE GAME this year. They structured the VaTech game in a neutral site for $$$. They refused to truly go on the road at all in their non-conference slate.

    So here they are, exactly where they want to be. They’re going to go undefeated. They won’t play a single true, meaningful road game this year, and they’ll get a lot of national attention with the victim act.

    If they want to move up, go play somebody. You don’t have to play Alabama, or Ohio St. Games against solid mid-BCS teams will do just fine. ASU, or Cal, or Oklahoma St, or Ole Miss will fit the bill perfectly. And if they’re on the road, the Computers and Humans will reward you for that too.

  9. Zaboo says:

    Here come the haters!

    I hope SO much that BSU or TCU gets into the title game over a slew of 1-loss AQ teams. Who will be clamoring for a playoff or plus-1 then, and deriding the BCS as unfair?

  10. Zaboo says:

    Oh, and @schedule nit:

    I seem to recall Oklahoma getting into the NC game a few years back over texas because they kept bradford in the game in 60+ point blowouts down the stretch. And their resumes weren’t otherwise equal: Okla lost on a neutral field and beat tech at home–texas won on a neutral field and lost AT tech. Texas’ resume was better.

    Style points definitely matter in CFB. Not in any other sport, but here? Definitely.

  11. Burnt Orange says:

    It is hard to argue with the understated brilliance of Zaboo.

  12. schedule nit says:

    This is a level…right?

  13. marktgarten says:

    Russ, breath, buddy breath. It’s going to be alright. Remember, it’s only a game.

  14. AbsoluteUte says:

    Wait wait, Oklahoma strong OOC schedule? They almost lost to Utah State and Air Force, and the last time I checked both of those teams are falling apart. Also the Utes called off the dogs on Iowa State and had the third string in on the 4th quarter and amassed a ton of points. AND THEY DROPPED in the rankings. Oklahoma is only favored cause they are a BCS team.

  15. Ezra says:

    Boise could beat every team it plays by 100, and folks like Craig James and other BCS homers (see comments above) still wouldn’t let them into the club.

    It’s not about on-field performance. Never was, and until there’s some kind of playoff, never will be.

  16. Mikrino says:


    Boise State does play Ole Miss in Oxford. Next year. So there’s goes that. They did play Oregon at Autzen that was 2008. They will play Oregon State in Corvallis, next year. They are scheduling (and beating I might add) Mid-level BCS squads. I’m not sure if the room you’re in has any access to the outside world, but I think maybe tuning in once in awhile might benefit your biased homerism.

    Yeah, the Broncos sneakily pulled all the strings in getting the game against Va. Tech moved to Fedex. I’m pretty sure Burke Magnus works for ESPN and not for Boise State. I’m also fairly positive it was ESPN behind the curtains when the game moved to Labor Day, instead of Oct. 2nd. And I believe I saw 70,000 Hokies fans, 280 miles removed from their home in Blacksburg in that stadium, while 10-15,000 Bronco fans traveled more than 2000 miles. Not a “road” game at all. “Neutral” in every sense of the word. Like playing Enter Sandman as the Hokies came onto the field, neutral.

    Toledo was a MAC Champion when they were scheduled years ago. Wyoming is an ongoing regional series. You can’t claim Boise State to be a nobody and then also get upset when they schedule other supposed nobodies. You’re going to have to pick one non-sensical opinion and stick with it. Boise State is supposed to schedule four BCS teams out-of-conference? So then I suppose they’re all going to be road games? Who does that? /looking… NOBODY. Why? Because it doesn’t make sense, fiscally or strategically. Kind of like your post. Please tell me you let a parrot whisper this stuff to you. If not, I’m gonna start calling you Corky, and we’ll sit around and bark like seals.

    Don’t blame me, blame Sir Isaac Newton. For every ridiculous rant there is one of equal opposite value.

  17. jmilesd says:

    They did schedule the Va Tech game at Blacksburg, but ESPN moved it, (VA Tech announced the move and date change before even asking Boise). I guess if 10′s of millions of dollars don’t make a difference in an athletic budget, then yes there is no financial difference. As far as scheduling home and home games with big conferences, Boise AD is willing to pay the same amount back to a school that it gets for going. Check the Oregon deal. Don’t make stuff up on assumptions.

    By the way, sorry most of the fan base isn’t complaining, there are way more complaints about why they shouldn’t be there. Let them talk. We have pride, integrity and one of the best programs to watch. No matter where we end up we still are on one of the most impressive runs in college football history. No disrespect for any other program, but what Boise State has accomplished is amazing.

    Join us, learn about the program. Support a team that is trying to do it the right way. Go Broncos

  18. DMK says:

    Boise … yawn. Go recruit elite players and defect to a real conference and THEN win that conference and you’ll have your respect.

    Sorry to drag soccer into this … but … Boise’s like a second or third division club who, in spite of having none of the elite players, can spring the occasional upset against a big team in some domestic tournament. But when they get promoted to the higher league and play GAME AFTER GAME against elite clubs, they finish near the bottom in the standings. Always. No one is surprised when this happens, because these teams have neither the resources nor the talent to compete every week with the rich thoroughbreds. If Boise had it all figured out, then SEC teams would be tripping over themselves to sign 2-star recruits to play in a tiny stadium.

    I understand the debate about how the BCS is a total mess, but suggesting that Boise St. is actually elite is just confusing matters. They’ve shown how to max out with so-so talent, and that’s impressive, but I’m not fooled when people say they’ve turned lead into gold.

  19. John Irons says:

    Long post…but hear me out:

    I am as adamant as anybody about Boise’s weak schedule. I have been saying from week 1 that they didn’t deserve to be so high in the human polls – which might just save them from the BCS computers and get them into the NC.

    However…what team would Boise NOT play well against right now? Boise can play with any team and win. Sure, if the game were to be played AT Oregon or Alabama that might tip the scales to the Ducks or Tide, but if it were in Boise- not so much. Ducks fans already know that first-hand, and Bama’s two road games against good opposition this year were a narrow win and a loss.

    But I think Boise could beat Oklahoma regardless of location (see what Air Force and Utah St did IN Norman). They could shoot it out with Auburn (who was taken to overtime at home by Clemson). Another TCU game would surely be competitive.

    My point is…finally…in a neutral site like Glendale, which will surely have A LOT of fans down from Boise – the Broncos can play with anybody right now. Any team in the top 10.

    Is it fair to play such a weak schedule and go to a championship, are the human votes inflated due to popularity, are there more deserving teams? Perhaps, maybe, it could be. But put the Broncos on the field in Glendale and they can probably win.

  20. jdh says:

    To DMK,
    You said, “No one is surprised when this happens, because these teams have neither the resources nor the talent to compete every week with the rich thoroughbreds.” To me, that is the problem. Just because you have money, doesn’t mean you are elite. Respect comes from more than money!

  21. DMK says:

    @ jdh

    I think just about every college football fan out there respects the Boise St. program. A lot. I promise you that they’re just the sort of thing that SEC fanatics love about the game: resourceful, tough, classy, innovative, humble.

    But the BCS scheme calls for picking the two *best* teams in the whole country to play for the championship. Not the programs we respect the most, but the best teams on the field. Boise can be as resourceful, tough, classy, innovative, and humble as they want, but unless you’ve got 4- and 5-star guys all over the place, it’s darn near impossible to consistently be a top squad these days.

    If we awarded national championships based on respect, then elementary school teachers and firemen would be taking the field in Glendale.

    Everyone in college football respects Boise, but that’s not the same thing as considering them an elite team.

  22. Ready says:

    Yeah…”defect” to a real conference Boise! …cause that’s how it works…yeah…yawn… get a clue DMK, you obviously are a fligh-by-week fan… if Boise State could get an INVITE to any conference with an AQ status, it would take it in a heart beat… also, home and home games aren’t a risk for any team, because the way they work is both teams keep whatever money they make at home, and the other team usually re-imburses the visiting team for expenses (whether you are Alabama or Utah State)… it is only when you are talking about one and dones, or 2-1′s, etc., that other agreements have to be made. The reality of it is, not only can Boise State not get AQ teams to schedule fairly with them (example: Nebraska), but even UTAH (who lost 36-3 to Boise State in Utah in the 1st of 4 “home and home games”… which by the way started in 2006) recently chickened out of the remainder of the contract with Boise (payed a “chicken-out” fee of $350,000) 2 weeks ago because now they will be in the Pac-12 and they also can Snub Boise… You can’t play good opponents by yourself, someone has to agree to play “FAIR AND SQUARE”, or you are only guranteed the teams in your STATED conference… This is the problem!!!

  23. Mikrino says:


    The BCS is about moolah, plain and simple. It’s about keeping it in the pockets of those who wield the power in college football. The BCS doesn’t put the two best teams against each other. They put the two biggest names together. Which is exactly why an undefeated Cincinatti team was blatantly ignored last season for a title shot(a BCS Conference Champ mind you). Whether they could win or not was never even considered. It was about name recognition and ticket sales. TV ratings and corporate sponsors. If the interest were truly on settling it on the field, there would be a playoff. As it stands now, the National Championship is decided in newspapers, not on football fields.

    As far as 4 and 5 star recruits. Boise State, TCU, Utah are all proof that you don’t necessarily need them to win and win convincingly. You need good coaching, and players with more heart than ego. The ability to execute, and good leadership.

    If Major College Football was powered by those types of things rather than greed, maybe we’d be able to crown a true National Champion.

  24. Ready says:

    Also, how can ANYONE fairly say THIS team doesn’t deserve their status… they are the ONLY team in the Nation that went undefeated last year (and the year before, and the year before that too…)in the regular season, the only team going INTO a BSC bowl game last year that beat an AQ Conference champ, the only team in the history of the BSC to return 20 starters the year after a BSC Bowl Win/ and over the past 3 year, they have had to beat #4, #10, #11, #14, #16, #24 and in the same amount of years have only lost 1-game by 1-point to #11 in the country… to justify Boise state, you simply have to consider this particular teams full body of work…

  25. Ready says:

    correction…by no means meant that Boise was the only team that went undefeated in the regular season last year… just the 3 years in a row…

  26. DMK says:


    That undefeated Cincinnati team, the one that screamed and cried that it should be considered a big boy, well, it got pasted 51-24 in the Sugar Bowl by a Florida team that couldn’t even win its own conference.

    I know logic is tricky for some people, but here it goes: Boise, TCU, and Utah, without 4- and 5-star guys, have proven that they can consistently beat other teams that don’t have 4- and 5-star guys. They *have not* proven that they can consistently beat teams who DO have 4- and 5-star players because *they do not consistently* played such teams.

    How hard is this to understand?

    Can Boise, TCU, Utah beat a couple of major teams a year? Yes! We’ve seen them do it. We’ve never seen them beat 8 or 9 in a year because they’ve never played that many.

    Is all of this oh so unfair? Probably. But until Boise joins a big conference or we get a playoff, there should be no chatter about how they’ve proven anything. They haven’t had the *chance* to prove anything.

    So sending Boise to the BCS is more like saying that the BCS shouldn’t exist than it is saying that Boise’s proven they’re one of the two best teams in the country. How *could* they be one of the two best? How could they prove it? They’re not and they can’t.

  27. Ready says:

    DMK, your point has NO value whatsoever… has any team ever played everyone else in the country to prove that they are the best team in the country? NO… usually, sports offer playoffs that mach the best of each division of their sports to play in a one-time atmosphere against each other to show which team is better, than they move on… sound familiar??? Here, we have a set-up that offers less than half of it’s participants (regardless of their quality of play, by the way), a chance to get to a championship game, and the other majority of it’s members an outside look of what it would be like if you were invited in one of it’s conferences. When you do get a rare chance to play one of it’s elite…in Boise, UTAH and TCU’s situation, that is once or twice a year, and you dominate those teams, you then ALWAYS given a bunch of excuses of why you did so well (lack of consistently having to play in their conferences, 1st game of the year, let-down bowl game…etc.) and still given NO repect… your recruit status should have NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUR RANKINGS my friend, just your on-field performance…

  28. Ready says:

    Also, name one team that has EVER beat 8-9 top 25 teams in one year…

  29. BleedBlueNow says:

    DMK – Name one conference that has 8-9 “elite” teams in it. This year the SEC has Alabama, LSU, Auburn at the top and maybe you can count Miss. State, and S. Carolina. The PAC-10 has Oregon, Stanford, Arizona, and USC. Big 10 -

  30. BleedBlueNow says:

    Big 10 – Mich. State, Ohio State, Wisc, Iowa. ACC – Fl. St., Va. Tech, N.C. St., Ga. Tech (maybe). Big East – West Virginia. Big 12 – Ok, OK St., Neb., Missouri, Kansas St. (TBD). As I see it, no teams ever plays 8-9 elite teams in one year, in fact, Ohio State had the #117 SOS in the nation before they played Wisc. Get us an invite to a major conference, give us the money that major conferences getincluding what they get for going to a BCS bowl (a vast difference for non-AQ schools), let us recruit some of those 5 star athletes that a BCS conf. school can recruit and see if we can hang with the big boys week in and week out. This is all we are asking for.

  31. DMK says:


    Yes! Good! That is the point exactly. The BCS was devised to keep teams like Boise St. out. Or that’s at least the way it stands now. We all see how unfair that is.

    But are you kidding me that talent isn’t what it’s all about? What are all of those dumb-dumb BCS coaches thinking!? They should be going hard after Boise’s 2-stars. Nonsense. Bama/Texas/USC could have had any of Boise’s player if they’d wanted them and each and every one of Boise’s players would have gone to one of those schools if they’d been offered.

    Coaching? Boise’s good. Really good. But no better than the top BCS schools. Remember, talent moves toward the top (Urban goes from Utah to Florida, not the other way around).

    And last year Bama beat 11 teams with more talent on the field than Boise had (based both on high-school rankings and on players those schools tend to put in the NFL).

    Boise will never have a shot unless there’s a playoff. Nor should they.

    And let’s pretend that there’s a 32-team playoff this season. THIS SEASON. I’m guessing Vegas would call Boise about the 15th most likely team to win it all.

    What’s remarkable is that Boise’s *so close to the top* of the BCS poll, not that they’re being shut out of the top two.

    The poll as it stands today is some sort of weird amalgam of anti-BCS sentiment, respect for Boise’s general achievements, and, most perversely, guesses about who’s perceived to have the most likely shot at topping the poll!

  32. DMK says:

    Ok, let me put it this way:

    If Georgia (yes, *this year’s* Georgia) is in the WAC, they’d run the table against everyone who’s not Boise State. I think they would. Vegas would give you odds on it. Maybe they squeak by a lousy Va. Tech and play a good one at home against a lousy Oregon St.

    Then they’re playing Boise for the right to win the conference and make claims they should go to Glendale.

    How good is Georgia? We wouldn’t know. How could we? They wouldn’t have been tested. Sort of tested. But not week in and week out by teams that have the talent to bite you if you’re even slightly off your game.

    But that Georgia team, playing in the SEC, has already lost three conference games and been nipped by a Colorado team that no one would call very good but that still has 4-star guys all over the field (i.e., a major conference team).

    We know nothing more about the *real* Boise than we would about this *hypothetical* WAC Georgia.

    And don’t scream that this is all hypothetical mumbo-jumbo. That’s what polling is!

  33. Ready says:

    Bleed Blue…My point exactly… if you are in the SEC, you may play 4-5 ranked teams in a year and possibly do the same thing in the Pac-10… If your not in one of those two conferences, you may play 3-4 ranked opponents in a year. The #1 BSC in the country (Oklahoma)is on pace right now to play 4 (and 2 of those are no longer ranked…). Boise State is on pace to play 3 ranked teams in the country, and they would have both played Utah State… also compare their win against cinci’s to Fresno State’s Cinci win… you can’t compare intangibles, nor can you say a team like Boise State wouldn’t continue to win in another conference without puting them in that conference and letting em play…

  34. Ready says:

    DMK. What facts are you basing the fact that Georgia would beat everyone in the WAC? Your opinion? They actually are a great example of one of the many teams from the SEC that sucks this year (they have LOST to everyone but a one Division II school and two other bottom feeding SEC school with a combined record of 4-8)…so…Prove your point. How can you say that they would beat Nevada, Fresno State, Hawaii, or even the same UTAH State that nearly beat Oklahoma at home? Just because they have “WAC” on their jerseys??? that’s not enough anymore. Explain your reasoning.

  35. DMK says:

    @ Ready

    True, you can’t prove anything before proving it. Alas.

    Don’t get confused, though. Ranked teams and quality teams are not the same thing. Not at all!

    In the SEC: Each and every team in the SEC is better than all of the (non-Boise) teams in the WAC, Vandy excepted. Vandy would have trouble with Nevada and Hawaii. Every other SEC team would be favored to run the table in the WAC (except Boise). Yes, even Tennessee. Alabama would much rather play a 2-4 Utah St. next week than a 2-4 Tennessee. Trust me. Any team in the nation would. If Tennessee had played Utah St.’s schedule to this point, they’d be 5-1 (and ranked). They’d still be poor, only we wouldn’t be able to tell.

  36. DMK says:

    @ Ready

    I can’t prove my point. No one can prove a hypothetical point like that.

    But: Vegas would give you odds on it. And they’re not in the business of getting sentimental.

    My opinion is based on everything I’ve been saying in this string so far. Georgia has way more talent than any WAC team and in the past even middling teams from the SEC have tended to beat WAC-like teams with regularity when given the chance. I don’t know how much more a person can back up an opinion beyond recourse to (1) expert analysis concerning on-field talent (both coaches and players), and (2) tendencies born out through history.

    And make no mistake, Miss. St. is a bottom feeder in the SEC because it’s in the SEC. Throw them into the WAC and you’re dealing with an apex predator.

  37. Ready says:

    As far as your statement regarding 2 star recruits, I never stated anything about talent being irrelevent. A team wouldn’t win if they lacked it. The reason that the star rating is irrelevent is it is partially based on how many MAJOR programs have interest in that particular player… besides, some of the greatest players in the NFL right now weren’t even close to 5 star players out of high school(ever heard of Chris Johnson, Kyle Wilson, Ladainian Tomlinson…etc.etc…)
    Isn’t this America? The country where if you work hard enough, you can accomplish ANYTHING. These are kids who were told they weren’t good enough by the system that rates you based on the school you come from, the teams that show interest in you, and the amount of camps your parents could afford to put you in before college. When you are snubbed by the powers that be, yet, still make your way to a place like Boise State, where you accomplish the “IMPOSSIBLE” anyways, you should be rewarded.

    The have’s will always be the have’s… that is one of the biggest problems with the system. When a system won’t reward a program for accomplishing the near impossible, regardless of the team’s accomplishments,
    it shouldn’t exist in THIS Country… THIS IS STILL THE
    LAND OF OPPORTUNITY, but we seem to have forgotten that along the way… and that’s because…??? The BCS system, the star recruit system??? You tell me.

  38. Ready says:

    Plus, take the past ten years, and if Florida and Alabama didn’t exist in the SEC, that conference would be no better than ANY other AQ out there. Look at their records against the Pac 10, the big 12, etc. They are hugely overated! The island you live on is small. And historical facts are irrelevent when ranking a current team (with the exception of if those same players are still playing). What so and so did 30 years ago means nothing to a player now. Bottom line is this, you can’t prove that a team would win or lose without playing them. It is impossible to play everyone, so each team plays the schedule given to them. At the end of the year, if you haven’t been BEATEN by ANYONE, then you should be compared only to the other teams who ALSO are UNBEATEN…(thus the statement…”THE REGULAR SEASON IS THE PLAYOFF IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL”)…only at that time should you start comparing SOS, Bowl matchups, etc… IF you haven’t lost, you deserve to be matched against the others who Haven’t lost… THEN, AND ONLY THEN, will you know who the best team is…right?

  39. John Irons says:


    Utah didn’t chicken out of the Boise series just because they’ll be in the Pac-12. It was the only way to preserve the BYU series, which had to be a road game in 2011. Yes, the Utes did pick up Montana State, but that was a home game that had to be picked up on short notice because Iowa State canceled due to their 9 game Big 12 season next year – not related whatsoever to the Boise deal. Sorry, when it comes down to it the BYU rivalry is just more important.

  40. DuckCountryBSUFan says:

    Boise State: Probably the only Team in the Country, who for the last Ten Years has continued to stir up this kind of National Rhetoric and Debate. Cool!

  41. John Irons says:

    And no matter how convincing you are about ‘unfair scheduling’ between Boise and AQ teams, the fact remains that your conference schedule is incredibly weak.

    What would a Boise State fan have to complain about this year? You have an excellent team that could be competitive with anybody, and even though there are several teams with harder roads than yours you still might get a shot thanks to the human polls outweighing those mean computers that hack you down to earth week after week of beating the likes of Idaho and La Tech.

    Enjoy the ride!

  42. Charles says:

    John Irons:

    Do some research on who votes in the *Coaches Poll* and who *they* work for.

    Why are they still using THAT poll?

  43. AFFan1982 says:

    @DMK-it appears your flawed logic stems from the fact you ASSUME the SEC to be the best conference in football. Yet, without playing Boise, or any other strong non AQ team, your assumption is illogical and therefore, flawed. Rather than spout the same rhetoric as others, do something to get a playoff in place. That way, your sacred SEC will either rise to the occasion, or as I suspect, fall. It’s the $$ that talks, not play on the field. Sad…truly sad.

  44. DMK says:

    If Boise St. makes it to Glendale this year, it will be a miracle. And they’d better hope that it’s TCU there to meet them!

  45. DMK says:


    Of course I’m *assuming* the SEC is a superior conference to the WAC this year. I didn’t run it through a dang supercomputer! But no one’s advocating a 120-team round-robin season. It’s possible that (1) this year, as if by magic, the SEC suddenly stinks, or (2) the SEC was never ever an elite conference and all of its coaches, all the media pundits, all fans, and all NFL GMs have been mass-hypnotized for the last half century. *In reality* the best football is played in the WAC. Right. Easy, easy money at the poker table, right there.

  46. John Irons says:

    Wait wait…on what planet is the SEC NOT a better conference then the WAC?

  47. Rich says:

    Okay, I’ve read this whole thing. Here is what I see. DMK makes some good points. The SEC is a strong conference, most likely the strongest in the country. But the one thing I don’t agree w/ DMK is saying that Georgia would walk through the WAC with only one loss to Boise St. Georgia just plan sucks this year. They would be in the top 4 of the WAC but they wouldn’t be number 2 this year. Now lets use your hypothical situation. Put Boise in the PAC 10 this year. They would probably win every game with this team this year. They are definitely capable of beating every team in the number 2 best conference. An Oregon/Boise St PAC 10 championship game would be fun to watch. That is only game that I would say I’m not for sure about Boise St. PAC 10 messed up asking Colorado and not BSU.

    So taking your logic again DMK, I guess Bulter didn’t deserve to be playing Duke for the National Championship this last spring because they were just a bunch of 2 and 3 star players, and can within seconds of winning. You can have all the talent in the world but if you can’t play as a team you will be horrible. Will BSU be this good ever again maybe, maybe not. But they have the team to win it all this year. They can play w/ and beat any team in the nation this year.

    College football is about the money plain and simple. Last year would have been a great year to let the AQ conferences prove there point about how the big schools are “elite” during the bowl season. But what happened, Boise and TCU played each other in the Fiesta Bowl. Why? FEAR of two non AQ schools beating AQ schools. TCU should have been invited to the Orange Bowl to play Georgia Tech and Iowa play Boise in the Fiesta. Boise is talking the talk, Give them the chance to walk the walk.

    Next point, you can’t tell me the Boise or TCU wouldn’t walk through the Big East or the ACC this year. They would have a couple of challenges but these are two really good teams.

    Final point I would take less talent and build a great team then a bunch of talent and no team unity. Ego’s will kill you. It happened to Alabama and Oklahoma because they thought the were playing a “JV” squad.

  48. DMK says:

    @ Rich

    Nice points all around.

    I certainly agree that Boise would pose a danger to any team in the nation this year (from what we can tell). But we all know how football talk is ruled by such silly hyperbole, such massive exaggeration, everyone’s fragile opinion flipping 180 degrees from week to week. Bama was one of the all-time great juggernauts a couple of weeks ago, and now they’re “exposed” as a bunch of snotty elites who can’t for all their wealth play as a team. Of course, we’re just stuck in our lame ways of telling a story. Bama is still excellent and probably never was a cyborg machine from the future. If Cody doesn’t get his fingers on two Tenn field goals last year, then Bama is a choke artist and the SEC is totally overrated garbage (so the commentators would have said).

    About talent: There are always teams with insane on-field talent who don’t pull it together. Poor coaching, bad chemistry, and bad luck (injury, bad bounces) are the culprits. Boise has maxed out on what they do with their talent. Great coaches, great teamwork, healthy, lucky. It helps, too, that they don’t play a full schedule of teams with insane talent.

    Boise’s squad right now is made up of recruiting classes that each ranked outside of the top 50 (2007-10); some services rank some of their classes in the 70s or even 90s! But they develop this talent, right? Well, they rank 65th in terms of placing players on NFL rosters.

    It gives me no end of pleasure to a see 5-star-laden Notre Dame or Miami struggle for this reason or that. I just can’t believe, though, that there are more than fifty (50!) big-time programs with all that talent and that all of them can’t put it together. I see no reason to believe that Boise has hit on some management miracle; isn’t football for 100 years all about bringing players together as a team? Suddenly I’m to believe that the collective football traditions handed from Rockne to Bear to Bowden to Saban are just defunct? All the BCS AQs hired the wrong guys?

    The collective conference record of SEC teams is .500 every year. The WAC?: .500.

    Last year’s bowl situation? I would have considered putting money on Iowa/GTech over Boise/TCU for that one game at the end. I would certainly have put money on TCU/Boise not being in the BCS if they’d had to get there by winning the Big-10 or ACC. Too many places to trip up. That talent’s not going to come together every week, or you run up against some team playing flawlessly. Truth is, you’re playing against teams with similarly elite talent in the AQ conferences. Nebraska and Bama are licking wounds inflicted by very very talented teams. Texas and South Carolina are licking wounds inflicted by very very talented teams. Everyone beats everyone else and we talk about how the Pac-10 is up, the Big-10 down, the SEC rising, the Big-12 falling. Most of the teams in these conferences have 4- 5-stars on their two-deeps every year. They send those guys to the NFL every year. They try to hire the very best coaches every year. I’d bet on them every year and make lots of money, too!

    One thing is for sure: If TCU and Boise play each other in the post season again, I might just be done with football.

  49. Kelly Furness says:

    Let me boil this whole conversation down to what matters.


    Peterson is the best coach in college football today. Peterson was the secret behind and reason why Dan Hawkins had such great success at Boise State. Peterson has worked miracles in his 4 1/2 years as head coach at Boise.

    Peterson has taken WAC talent and WAC money and made Boise State into a contender. Boise can play with anybody in the country.

    The 2006 season when Boise beat Oklahoma in the (2007)Fiesta Bowl. Boise’s entire football program budget was less than Bob Stoops salary. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 4 million. Did your read that correctly? Read it again, this time slowly so it registers: “Boise States ENTIRE football budget was LESS than Bob Stoops salary somewhere around 4 million dollars.”

    Last year in 2009 Ohio State spent more money than any other football program in the nation at 42 million dollars. The big powers of college football (Nearly every BCS team) all spent over 30 million dollars. Boise State while improved from 2006 could only afford to spend 7 million in 2009.

    So how does Boise State with there poor facilities, 2 star talent, and tiny budget compete? There being outspent 5 to 1. There being out recruited 4 and 5 star athletes compared to 1 and 2 star athletes. How are they doing this?

    Short Answer: CHRIS PETERSON

    There is no reason to believe that if Chris Peterson were given a football budget of 30 million dollars the facilities of a big school, and 4 to 5 star recruiting talent that he wouldn’t dominate the SEC, ACC, BIG 12, PAC 10 or any other conference for that matter.

    Just the fact that Boise State is even mentioned in the same sentence as Alabama, Oregon, and Oklahoma when talking about the best team in college football is absolutely amazing considering the talent and resources Boise has to work with.

    I’ve got a spin on the ole “Well if Boise played in the SEC, PAC 10, or (Insert favorite BCS conference here), week in and week out they wouldn’t win, or compete, or they would have a sub .500 record, blah blah blah.”

    I’ve got a scenario for you. Take Nick Saban, or Les Miles, or Joe Peterno, or Bob Stoops, or what ever coach you want. Put them in the WAC. Have them take over ANY coaching job in the WAC. Now they have WAC talent, WAC facilities, and a WAC budget. Let see how they do. Give them 5 years and see what they can accomplish. No way in hell are they going to compete with the elite of college football the way Boise State does.

    What Peterson and Boise State have accomplished and are accomplishing is amazing. Maybe that’s why it’s so special. What there doing has never been done before.

  50. DMK says:

    “So how does Boise State with there (sic) poor facilities, 2 star talent, and tiny budget compete? There (sic) being outspent 5 to 1. There (sic) being out recruited 4 and 5 star athletes compared to 1 and 2 star athletes. How are they doing this?”

    Answer: They compete against teams in the same boat, namely, the WAC.

    Boise doesn’t play the big boys week in and week out. That’s the point.

    Granted, Petersen looks like the real deal.

    Granted, Boise’s as good as anyone at (1) consistently putting their boot on the neck of teams with similar or inferior talent, and (2) giving AQ teams trouble when they meet them once or twice a year.

  51. Burnt Orange says:

    50 comments and counting – a PSR record ?

    Paul: Yeah, a new record. Beat out the Northwestern post. But the comments have disappeared, sadly. I’m trying to figure out what happened. For now, people should just imagine what was spoke about before and continue to chat about it.

  52. Colin says:

    And the Boise State preview is #4. Boise State gets people talking. :)

  53. Rich says:

    Last I look the other teams that Boise has played have had the same amount of time to prepare. Oklahoma had the whole month of December to prepare. VT and Oregon had several months. So if they are so elite why haven’t the “dominated” Boise?

    Oklahoma even had the great Adrian Peterson who didn’t do jack until the overtime. Not many of you so called 4/5 star player in the NFL have been able to stop him. But I guess Boise was just lucky.

  54. Rich says:

    My comment were directed to how Boise only has to prepare for one or two game a year. While these “elite” team have to do it week in and week out. Boise will compete with anyone, anywhere. Time for the “big boys” to put up or shut up about this whole subject. Give Boise the a chance at the NC and see what happens.

  55. Castor says:

    Seriously, dude? Oklahoma first few games (excluding FSU) were not even close but they let back the team in the games and they got criticized for that: scores looked closer than the games were. Now they blow an opponent people are still bitching, so wtf do u want? Go look at their boxscore and tell me how many passes they had in the second half and who took most of the snaps…check your facts before to publish.

  56. DMK says:

    Or, you can look at Boise this way:

    After beating Boise in 2007, Washington went on a 2-22 run.

    Since squeaking out an OT game against a disinterested Oklahoma (3.5 years of football!), Boise has beaten Oregon (x2), TCU, Va Tech, and Oregon St. (And a bunch of WAC teams; no one can claim that Boise doesn’t know how to dominate its conference!)

    In that time they have lost to Washington, Hawaii, ECU, and TCU.

    All of these games were pretty close. Seven of those nine teams were ranked when they met Boise.

    Put those 9 games together and you’ve got one respectable season of ACC-like football. Boise beats the cupcakes that fill out its schedule, and finishes up with a solid 8-4 record heading into a bowl against Kentucky. Maybe the ACC-FarWest is down that year and Boise wins it and plays FSU for the ACC crown.

    Bama plays 8 or 9 ranked teams THIS YEAR. Teams that get through a schedule like that, EARN an invite to Glendale. Teams that play that sort of schedule won’t go undefeated every year.

  57. Burnt Orange says:

    DMK- you are relentless and that is a trait to be admired. You may have already stated an opinion on this and I missed it, but let’s put Boise State in the SEC- say with Miss. State’s 2010 schedule. How do you think they would do ?

  58. DMK says:

    @ Burnt Orange

    Before I answer, let me say that in spite of my relentlessness here, I recognize that Boise (right now, this year) has a unique alignment of undervalued senior talent, innovative coaching, and that ever-important chip on the shoulder. They’re pretty good. For what they are.

    So, Boise-as-Mississippi-State:

    Memphis: easy win
    Auburn: close loss in shootout
    @LSU: blown out (that defense is real; Miles has flu)
    Georgia: pick ‘em; win squeaker
    Alcorn St.: easy win
    @Houston: trap game extraordinaire (win, though)
    @Florida: loss
    UAB: easy win
    Kentucky: win
    @Alabama: loss (I’d pay a month’s salary to see it)
    Arkansas: loss in shootout
    @Mississippi: close win
    SEC Championship: they watch on TV
    Bowl: Franklin American Mortgage Music City vs UNC: win on statue of liberty in 2OT

    Verdict: 8-5.
    Rosy Verdict: 10-3.
    Hypnotized-Anti-BCS verdict: 14-0 as always and AMERICA AINT ABOUT FREEDOM! GO TEAMWORK!

  59. Burnt Orange says:

    In my view, they probably lose at Bama, and they might lose in Boise to Auburn. Arky is close but they win in Boise. They do not lose to Fla. or one dimensional LSU. It seems to me that you could just as easily be picking the Miss State season above ( except for the UF game which State won ). What you are really saying is you do no think Boise is as good as Miss State- close but not quite as good as the Dawgs. My eyes tell me otherwise.

    I was a Boise skeptic at first. I then saw them play in a minor bowl game in Fort Worth about 7 years ago. I was impressed by the complexity of their offense. In subsequent seasons, I began watching and counting. In a single game against a quality opponent there will be 14 -15 formations and 8-9 shifts. ( some would say more shifts but they really have 8-9 that they use for multiple formations) It is easily the most complicated Divsion I offense and more than anything else a reflection of tremendous coaching. It must be incredibly time consuming and difficult to prepare for Boise in a week and it pays big dividends within a conference. Let’s say the Broncos were filling in for Miss State in Tuscalooosa on November 13th. Bama could not possibly spend more than a week prepping for the game, as their previous six weeks were at Arky, UF, at USC, Ole Miss, at Tenn, and at LSU. They have a unique, structural /scheme advantage – I am certain of it. That makes it all the more impressive when they beat a TCU or Va. Tech team that has had weeks to prepare. In the SEC, they are a a 10-3 to 11-2 sort of team most years, but there will be a year every now and then where they are national championship caliber -for instance a season where they have a senior quarterback and a bunch of returning starters. One thing you and I agree upon – I want to see them play Alabama.

  60. DMK says:

    @ Burnt Orange

    I want to see Boise play *anyone* who’s tip-top. Or even a team like Auburn (remains to be seen what the Tigers are made of top to bottom) who has a really special player like Cam. There’s no Cam in the WAC. Heck, what would Lattimore/Alshon do? We’ve seen wave after wave of scheme-advantage teams get exposed for lack of talent. See Charlie “Decided Schematic Advantage Weis”.

    I’m with you that they’d play with any squad in the country, but I think they’d have a very slim margin for error in playing 8-9 quality teams a year. Truth be told, they sort of should have lost to Va Tech this year. I admit, I was very surprised Boise made it happen. I still believe Georgia would scare an Oregon or Oklahoma more than a Boise. You can lose a lot of games real quick in the SEC and not actually be terrible. Bama’s disastrous ’07 had losses to FSU, Georgia, LSU, Auburn, Miss St, and the infamous LA-Monroe, all by a TD or less. Another season they get all the bounces and win 5 or 6 of those. A bounce here or there and Boise loses those games to Oregon, Va Tech, TCU, and we’re paying them no attention.

    My big fear is that we see them in a bowl against TCU or some plodding Big-Ten squad and learn nothing and this debate goes on for ever and ever.

  61. Burnt Orange says:


  62. Daniel B says:

    This should be bumped because it’s relevant again – Oklahoma State 2011. I noticed back in late September (with no idea how true this would become) that people were WILDLY underrating Oklahoma State’s defense because Mike Gundy pulls his starters in blowouts sooner than most coaches. Look over their games in detail and you’ll see their #60 defensive ppg rankings and their bottom-25 yards/game are both misleading as they gave up tons of long drives with their subs after getting ahead by huge margins.

    What shows they are really a good defense:
    1)First in the country in forcing turnovers at 3.5 per game.

    2)They shutdown a very good OU offense and held them to 3 points while the game was in doubt, and OU was scoring about 42 per game coming in.

    3)Look at the Baylor game more closely. Baylor – with the Big 12′s leading rusher, the #2 WR in the country, and the probable Heisman candidate – had 3 points through the first 3 quarters. They say Griffin didn’t have a bad game, but he had 3 picks against Okie State and didn’t score a TD until the 4th quarter.

    This is a perfect example of why their defensive rankings are totally misleading. They got up 49-3 and then emptied the bench. That’s a dominating defensive performance even if they ended up giving up 24 points.

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