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A Pre-Snap Read Manifesto

Karl Marx

Karl Marx approves of this manifesto.

Perhaps you’ve stumbled upon us by accident, though seeing as the only folks who are aware of this site’s existence are those we’ve told, you’re likely in the right place. If you’re lost – it’s not important what you were looking for, we don’t judge – we hope you hang around. Not that there aren’t other options; there are, and then some. But the plan here at Pre-Snap Read is to provide the well-read college football fan with the insight and analysis needed to get ready for every Saturday from September through early January. Not to mention those long, dreary months between seasons. And we’ll give it to you with a sense of humor and, as you can tell from the above paragraph, a healthy dose of humility.

Everyone loves a list (more on that in a moment), so here are a few numbered points to print out, attach to your refrigerator and use to get us back on track if we lose our path. What can you expect from Pre-Snap Read? Ask not what you can do for Pre-Snap Read, but what can Pre-Snap Read do for you? Take it away, numbered points:

1. Home of the Countdown. Speaking of lists, this will be the new home of the Countdown, so get your bookmarks ready. The Countdown, if you were unaware, is often imitated, never duplicated. As part of my duties at The New York Times, I made it my goal to preview all 120 teams in the F.B.S. in the 120 days heading up to the first game of the season. This year – the Countdown’s third year – you can only find it here. It begins later this week and extends through Thursday, Sept. 2 – the first night of the season. Hopefully; last year’s Countdown was interrupted by a trip to Mexico, where I was interrupted by the finest beverages San Miguel de Allende had to offer. Some folks like the Countdown. If it’s not your cup of tea, what about No. 2 on this list?

2. A healthy discussion about college football from coast to coast. Our great land stretches from Syracuse to Miami, with the entirety of the Big East, A.C.C. and SEC in between; from Ole Miss to Colorado, where the Big Ten and Big 12 hold court; and from Arizona to Southern California, home of the Pac-10. There are no favorites here, though Pre-Snap Read might have a soft spot in its heart for the underdog. And lest you think we’ll ignore the non-B.C.S. conference programs, you’re sure to find a healthy share of posts about June Jones at Southern Methodist or Troy’s continuing dominance of the Sun Belt, not to mention coverage of perennial powers T.C.U. and Boise State.

3. What’s big in college football all year round. During the season, we’ll give you weekly previews and weekly recaps from each conference. Who’s playing well? Who’s not? What do you need to know? In that vein, we’ll reach out to those in the know – reporters, bloggers, experts, guys on the street – to get the most out of each post. When college football is in its lazy days (from late April through early August), Pre-Snap Read will satiate your hunger for more, more, more news by bringing you both the Countdown and important stories as they arise.

4. All the newfangled things the kids are talking about. Supposedly, if you call someone on the phone, record it and post it on a Web site, it’s called a podcast. So we’ll try to have those. Sometimes it might be a special guest. A certain former coach may stop by from time to time. Who knows? Live blogs, Twitter. You name it.

It’ll be fun, it’ll be informative, it’ll be right up your alley. And it all starts today.

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  1. Jack says:

    Just fumbled upon the new website, looks great and the manifesto is hysterical. Keep up the good work

  2. Jim Narby says:

    great manifesto. is ryan ever going to write anything?

  3. EyeandEer says:

    Always looking for new places to read about college football. I believe I have found a new one. I look forward to coming back on a regular basis for your insight.

  4. Benjamin "HSU Rules" Hoffman says:

    I can’t believe you moderate comments. I WILL NOT BE CENSORED.

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