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2012 All-Name Team Nominees (May 11)

There’s a preview coming today, but not until later in the morning. For now, while I plug away – and since we’re more than 20 teams down – let’s update the current F.B.S. all-name team. If you hadn’t noticed, the all-name nominee is a new addition to the second-to-last section in this year’s previews. The rules are simple: only one nominee per team. I’ll continue adding players regardless of position through the first 62 teams, I guess, before beginning to search for players who match positions of need. I can already tell that it’s going to be harder to fill spots at quarterback, kicker and punter; looking back, it might have been a better idea to list quarterback Duke DeLancellotti with Texas State instead of safety Brixx Hawthorne.

But still… Brixx. Sounds like a Swedish toy company. Or a cereal that contains 200 percent of your daily allowance of fiber. Or an inexpensive but ultimately worthless automobile built somewhere in Eastern Europe. Or…

With 21 teams down, we’re just shy of a full two-deep, if we had players at each position. With 25 spots to be filled – 12 on offense with two receivers, a fullback and a tight end; 11 on defense, though I guess going with four linebackers is an option; and a kicker and punter – the end result would average out to roughly five players per position. That’s if every position ends up having an equal amount, which they won’t. Here’s the current list, with the current starter underlined when a position has more than one option:

Driphus Jackson, Rice

Running back
Brandon Bourbon, Kansas


Wide receiver
Efeoghene Scott-Emuakpor, Ball State

Wide receiver
Wilson Van Hooser, Tulane

Tight end
Rob Blanchflower, Massachusetts
Charles Love III, Indiana
Harley Scioneaux, Louisiana-Monroe

Offensive tackle
Carlton Falconer, Florida Atlantic

Offensive guard


Offensive guard

Offensive tackle
Brander Craighead, UTEP

Defensive end
Maxx Forde, Idaho
KevinJo Atkins, New Mexico

Defensive tackle
Dajour Morris, Akron

Defensive tackle

Defensive end
Jose Casanova, U.A.B.

Bronterrious Jakes, Memphis

Wonderful Monds, Buffalo

Golden Ekeanyanwu, Colorado State

Xavier Archangel, Texas-San Antonio

Brixx Hawthorne, Texas State

Juno Prudhomm, Middle Tennessee State

Sir’Vegias Steele, South Alabama
Justice Sarcedo, U.N.L.V.



While the head coach and staff of assistants on the all-name team remain to be decided, it’s probably a safe bet that the squad will be led by Bronco Mendenhall. Major Applewhite would be a shoo-in for offensive coordinator, but even if he’s listed as the co-coordinator in Austin, I don’t think he qualifies. He will be the running backs coach, however.

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  1. DMK says:

    We have a few weeks before Barkeveous Mingo and Jadeveon Clowney come up, but, there you have it: Barkeveous Mingo and Jadeveon Clowney.

    “I can already tell that it’s going to be harder to fill spots at quarterback, kicker and punter”:

  2. philip says:

    for your consideration, hopefully way down the line … west virginia has a freshman quarterback with a great texas moniker: ford childress. (son of pro-bowler ray childress)

  3. Parker says:

    May I present Radermon Scypion, DL University of Houston.

  4. southwvboy says:

    Carlton Falconer, my leader in the Clubhouse.

  5. usna86 says:

    No all-name team is complete without Navy safety Wave Ryder.

  6. BobJ says:

    I suppose Bob Jones (and I’m sure there are a few) won’t make the list.

  7. Hokieshibe says:

    Munchie LeGuex has to be our qb starter. It’s easily one of my favorite names in college football.

  8. Matt says:

    No love for Baker Steinkuehler at DT?

    Paul: Not yet, Matt. Only adding players to the list as their team is previewed. Only through 21 teams so far, and no Nebraska as of yet.

  9. kstef says:

    come on man…….Kevonte Martin-Manley (WR, IOWA)

  10. M Meyer says:

    When Iowa does come up, Nico Law has to be the odds-on favorite.

  11. K says:

    Down the road, VT has a TE named George George III, His father George George Jr. also played for Tech.

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