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2012 All-Name Team Nominees (June 7)

A significant milestone has been passed: 40 teams. This is no longer the third-of-the-way marker it has been in recent years, but the number remains a meaningful one in the march to September. Technically, with the move up to 124 F.B.S. teams, a third of the way would be 41 teams; more specifically, it would be 41 teams and the first third of a 42nd preview.

It’s time to catch our breath and prepare for another stretch. It’s also time to update the Pre-Snap Read All-Name Team, which was last compiled on May 11. That was after 21 teams – from Texas-San Antonio to Ball State. This list includes the Roadrunners through Western Kentucky.

Remember the rules. Each team nominates one player. That’s unfortunate for a program like Mississippi, which had several qualified candidates. Both the offense and defense start 11 players, with the offensive lineup running with a pro-style approach: two wide receivers, a fullback and a tight end.

The All-Name Team has a punter: Hendrix Brakefield was the Hilltoppers’ nominee. Now it needs a kicker, among other positions. Is Massachusetts tight end Rob Blanchflower still a starter? What about South Alabama cornerback Sir’Vegias Steele? Here goes, with starters underlined where applicable:

Mackenzie Sovereign, Duke
Driphus Jackson, Rice
Stevie Joe Dorman, Colorado

Running back
Konockus Sashington, North Texas
Zurlon Tipton, Central Michigan
Brandon Bourbon, Kansas


Wide receiver
Philander Moore, Mississippi
Spiffy Evans, Boston College

Wide receiver
Jazz King, Marshall
Tyrek Cheeseboro, Maryland
Wilson Van Hooser, Tulane

Tight end
Rob Blanchflower, Massachusetts
Charles Love III, Indiana
Harley Scioneaux, Louisiana-Monroe

Offensive tackle
Brander Craighead, UTEP

Offensive guard


Offensive guard

Offensive tackle
Carlton Falconer, Florida Atlantic

Defensive end
Maxx Forde, Idaho
Mwanza Wamulumba, Miami (Ohio)
KevinJo Atkins, New Mexico

Defensive tackle
Carlutorbantu Zaramo, Ball State
Dajour Morris, Akron

Defensive tackle
Mister Cobble, Kentucky

Defensive end
Jose Casanova, U.A.B.
Suli Faletuipapai, Fresno State

Geoffrey Bacon, Army
Wayland Coleman-Dancer, Troy

Wonderful Monds, Buffalo
Golden Ekeanyanwu, Colorado State

Blaze Caponegro, Temple
Bronterrious Jakes, Memphis

Xavier Archangel, Texas-San Antonio

Love Dominique, New Mexico State
Brixx Hawthorne, Texas State
Juno Prudhomm, Middle Tennessee State

Pudge Cotton, Eastern Michigan
Calvin Tiggle, Kent State
Bubba Poueu-Luna, Hawaii

Sir’Vegias Steele, South Alabama
Justice Sarcedo, U.N.L.V.


Hendrix Brakefield, Western Kentucky

Needed: fullbacks, interior offensive linemen, defensive tackles, cornerbacks and a kicker. I think those will become positions of focus once the previews reach the halfway point. Also, the All-Name Team needs, well, a name. The All-Name Team Namers? I’m open to suggestions.

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  1. Brandon says:

    How about Carlutorbantu Zaramo, a freshman defensive tackle for Ball State?

    Paul: He hadn’t been added to the roster when the Cardinals popped up. I guess he should replace Ball State’s current nominee, right? And would help at tackle.

  2. DMK says:

    Is British Footman still playing somewhere? Maybe at Downton Abbey.

  3. David says:

    Do nominees have to be starters for the “Saturday team”?

    If no, then your FB awaits in Annapolis: Prentice Christian (#2 on depth chart) or Quinton Singleton (#3) or Maika Polamalu (not on depth chart) (starter is Noah Copeland)

    Or grab a CB there: Togasii Peko (#3 on depth chart)

  4. Matt Rob says:

    Mister Cobble,?
    As in, Mister is his Christian name?
    As in, his name + title would be Mister Mister Cobbler?
    As in, at his wedding, it could be “I now present you with Mister and Missus Mister Cobbler.”


  5. Dave says:

    It really doesn’t get any better than Wonderful Monds.

    Are we sure Pudge is not a nickname? Hard to imagine real parents doing that to a kid…

    Paul: His given name is “Sean Elliott Cotton.” But Eastern Michigan lists him as “Pudge,” so it’s a go.

  6. Burnt Orange says:

    Mid seventies Baylor defenderTommy Turnipseed tackling Aggie running backs Bucky Sams and Bubba Bean. All three of those guys could play.

  7. headPE says:

    what about Blair Bomber – Washington State – GoCougs!!!

  8. Yourhighness Morgan says:

    How could you forget about FAU LB Yourhighness Morgan.

    I didn’t make that up.


    Paul: Sadly, concussions ended Morgan’s career in February. His reign is over. The king is dead, long live the king.

  9. Dr. Zaramo says:

    Very Classy & Respectfully, Thank You!!

    Dr. Carlumandarlo Zaramo, Ph.D. (Carlutorbantu V. Zaramo’s Father)

  10. Dr. Zaramo says:

    This Nomination/Site is Very Classy & Highly Respectfully Produced, Thank You!!

    Dr. Carlumandarlo E.B. Zaramo, Ph.D. (Carlutorbantu V. Zaramo’s Father)

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